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We will kickstart a massive investment plan worth at least 200 billion euros per year to protect people and the planet. This plan will secure livelihoods for all and build a prosperous economy. The investment will go towards expanding public transport and reducing ticket prices, putting solar panels on all roofs, and creating millions of good jobs in sectors such as construction, energy and transport. Investing in renewables and home insulation will mean lower energy bills. Our Energy Guarantee will make sure that energy is affordable, and that no vulnerable household has their energy cut off. This plan will be financed fairly by taxing workers less and the wealthiest firms and individuals more, eradicating fossil fuel subsidies, and using EU-level funding.


Climate Action! 100% Renewable Energy by 2040

The costs of burning fossil fuels are growing by the day. Europe must lead the way to a fossil-free future. Building a 100% renewable energy system by 2040 will protect the climate and create two million new jobs. It will mean fewer extreme weather events such as heat waves and therefore bring about a more secure future for all. It makes economic sense too. Renewables are the cheapest form of energy, while expensive fossil fuels caused the cost-of-living crisis. The cost of inaction will only mount. We will stop adding fuel to the fire by phasing out all fossil fuel subsidies from 2025. A climate-neutral EU will be more competitive and no longer hostage to foreign dictators.


Good Jobs and Fair Pay for All

We cannot accept that workers struggle to make ends meet and live in poverty in the world’s second-biggest economy. After years of high prices, European workers deserve decent pay and a fair share of the profits. We will fight for an EU-wide minimum income sufficient to keep people out of poverty whether they are in or out of work. We will make European unemployment insurance permanent to protect workers in times of economic crisis. Trade unions are key to achieving higher wages and better conditions for workers. They are our allies, and we will fight for their rights and their essential democratic role. We will improve working conditions and make sure that the green transition leaves no worker behind. We will fight for the recognition of platform workers as workers and ban unpaid internships.


Restore Nature, Protect Biodiversity

We need to bring back nature and restore the precious ecosystems today under threat. We will stop the extinction of species and protect at least a third of Europe’s land and sea, including wetlands, forests, rivers and lakes. We fight for a zero-pollution European Union, with breathable air, clean water and toxic-free consumer goods. We will keep dangerous pesticides such as glyphosate out of our fields.


Ensure Affordable Housing for Everyone

Everyone must have a comfortable home that is warm in winter and cool in summer. We will fight to end the rent explosion, invest in affordable and public housing, and support rent controls where necessary to protect tenants. A large-scale renovation programme will cut energy poverty and protect the most vulnerable. Young people bear the brunt of high rents and house prices. We must ensure they can make their own start in life with affordable homes and all the necessary conditions for independent living.


Healthy, Pesticide-Free Food for Fair Prices

We want healthy food at fair prices to become a reality in Europe. Millions of Europeans are struggling with soaring food prices, while big agro-business continues to poison our bodies and pollute our soil and water. We will take the third of the EU budget today spent on industrial agriculture and invest in sustainable farming instead, making healthy food more accessible at fair prices for both consumers and producers. We will end the speculation forcing people to go hungry while traders make record profits.


End Animal Cruelty! Stop Mega Farms and Long-Distance Transport

Animals deserve care and protection. We will fight for animal welfare alongside the millions of Europeans who signed European Citizen Initiatives demanding the end of exploitative practices. We pledge to ban cruel mega-farms, the use of cages in animal farming, and fur farms. We will limit animal transport and put an end to long-distance live animal transports in trucks and ships.


We Pay Our Taxes. Billionaires and Multinationals Must Also Pay Their Fair Share.

A thriving economy puts people and the planet first, not corporations and the ultra-rich. Helping the most vulnerable and investing in climate and environmental protection are emergencies that can no longer be ignored, so our unjust tax system must be reformed. We will bring in a minimum tax on capital gains and an EU-wide wealth tax, as well as ending tax avoidance by multinationals. We must stop the profiteering driving up prices with windfall taxes and a financial transaction tax. Fair taxation will reduce the tax burden on workers, so they have more money in their wallets at the end of the month.


A Strong Europe to Protect Democracy, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

The far-right backlash only makes us more determined: Greens will stand up for European democracy and the rule of law. We will ensure public funds benefit all citizens, not autocrats and their corrupt cronies. Rapid action will be put in place to prevent violations of EU law. We will continue the fight for transparency and integrity and against corruption. We will continue to tirelessly fight all forms of discrimination and hatred. Everyone in the EU must be safe from hate crime and hate speech. We will defend the right to protest and fight against the criminalisation of activists and civil society organisations. We will build a humane asylum system that upholds human rights and does not criminalise people on the move. We will welcome people that seek help with humanity and solidarity, not with fear.


A Feminist Europe: Your Body, Your Choice!

We must dismantle patriarchy and build a racially just society. Everyone has the right to make choices about their own body, decide who they love, and express their identity. We will champion self-determination and bodily autonomy by guaranteeing access to legal gender recognition, trans-specific healthcare, and contraception. We will guarantee access to safe and legal abortion and recognise sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental rights. We fight to end violence against women and girls everywhere and will increase support for victims. We will guarantee access to safe and legal abortion and recognise sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental rights. We fight to end violence against women and girls everywhere and will increase support for victims.

We will make sure that men and women are paid equally for the same work and keep on fighting for full equality between men and women in all areas of employment and public life.


Europe United for Peace and Security

The European Union was born as and must remain a project for peace and security. In times of rising authoritarianism and war, it must speak with one voice. Autocrats can no longer be allowed to hold the EU hostage and prevent it from standing with partners for peace, human rights and multilateralism. National vetoes must end so the EU can work effectively on foreign policy and other key areas.  Ukraine’s future is in the European Union and we must continue to support it. The EU needs to be ready to welcome new members and help candidate countries prepare for accession. The EU needs to take responsibility as a peace-building actor. This is more crucial than ever in the Middle East. The green transition has always also been a question of security. Becoming energy-independent, building a circular economy, and gaining greater control over vital technologies and supply chains will make us independent from autocrats and thus safer.


Clean Water For All

Access to clean water should be guaranteed as a basic right. Water scarcity is already costing billions each year, with farmers and low-income households among the worst affected and the Mediterranean region particularly vulnerable. Urgent action is needed to protect the right to clean and adequate water for all. We want to prohibit the privatization of water resources. Water should be regarded as a natural common and managed by public entities. We use existing EU legislation to protect vulnerable reserves and prioritize drinking water over other uses.