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ORaH is a Croatian political party, and a candidate member of the European Green Party. Founded in October 2013, it stands for sustainable development, social justice, and equality for all. 

ORaH is actively promoting a Green political platform. They have a well-established program against climate change, and call for the sustainable management of urban, rural, agricultural, and waste issues. The party has a strong voice within Croatian society, and is represented in both the national and European Parliaments. In May 2014, ORaH contested its first election, and won 9.4% of the votes.

The party is making a particular effort to develop the economic branches that have proven to be the most propulsive from a sustainability standpoint. To name a few, these are: sustainable and eco-biological organic farming, sustainable and ecological tourism, ecological and energy efficient construction coupled with sustainable architecture, renewable energy sources, green industrial technology, and energy efficient, lighting, heating and traffic.

In its efforts to improve the economic prosperity of the country and achieve better living conditions for all of its citizens, the party will perpetually focus on the "three pillars" of sustainable development: socio-legal, environmental and economic.

The positive synergy of these three pillars make up the axis of the party's programme and the very concept of sustainable development.

In order to successfully develop the politics of all three pillars, the party will focus its attention on the developing healthy social systems, namely in the fields of Education, Healthcare, and Social Security. These systems can and must ensure existential and developmental conditions for all of its citizens, so that each and every individual can become an active participant in building a healthier, happier and more prosperous society.

Mirela Holy has been the party leader since the inception of the party. Holy was the Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature, and is currently the only Member of Parliament for ORaH. The party won a seat in the European Elections in May 2014, and Davor Škrlec is their MEP. Former EGP associate member Zelena Lista joined ORaH in December 2013.

The full name of the party is Održivi razvoj Hrvatske, which translates to Sustainable Development of Croatia. In Croatian, Orah means walnut.

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