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The European Green Party (EGP) was the first political family to evolve from a federation to a party on the European level in 2004.

Our members are the 46 national Green parties from all across Europe - both within the EU and beyond - supporting each other to strengthen Green politics across the continent.

Monica Frassoni

We stand for an open, democratic society, where fundamental human rights are applied and respected. We strive for sustainable development, where renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and Green jobs form the core of economic growth. - Monica Frassoni, Co-Chair of the EGP


Reinhard Bütikofer

We want to give European citizens a direct say while also maintaining our commitment to create a common European political space where important decisions are not only discussed within the confines of national debates but on an open democratic European stage. - Reinhard Bütikofer, Co-Chair of the EGP


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