2014 European Elections: this time it’s different!

EU2014 election campaign

In 2004, the European Greens were frontrunners in organising the first pan-European campaign for European Elections.

Ten years later, we will be the first European party to organise an open Europe-wide Online Primary to select our two leading candidates.

In times of financial crisis and declining trust in European institutions, we will demonstrate that European politics can be different - participatory, interactive, democratic and fun! Follow how our 2014 Elections Campaign builds up and join us in reloading European democracy! You can already join the conversation on twitter with #GreenPrimary!


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Greens remain force to be reckoned with in EU politics

“The outcome of these European elections underlines the growing appeal of Green policies across the EU. The European Green family will have a wider geographic representation, following breakthroughs by Greens in new EU member states and renewed European Parliament representation in other member states. Our Green message is striking a chord with a wider European audience and this gives us a solid platform to push for the implementation of our policies at EU level."

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