Call for candidates

Brussels, 8 April 2016

The EGP Committee is hereby CALLING FOR CANDIDATES for the election of members for the following three EGP bodies at the Utrecht Council:
1. The Amendments Committee,
2. A new Conciliation Panel and
3. The Global Greens Coordination.

The general procedure for the three elections is the same (Article 39 of EGP Rule Book, page 33):

Nomination and support
1. Each candidate must be nominated by a full Member of the EGP and
2. Supported by at least two other Full Members. Each Full Member may nominate and support several candidates.
3. All nominations must be accompanied by a brief introduction (motivation + CV+ picture(s)) of the candidate).
Deadline for presenting candidates
Nominations, letters of support and any additional material must be sent to the EGP office 3 weeks prior to the Utrecht Council by email to, this is by Friday, 29 April 2016 (midnight, CET).

Presentation of the candidates
After the deadline, an overview of the candidates and their presentations will be distributed and posted on the EGP website. Candidates will be able to present themselves via internet.

Of course, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

1. One vacancy left to be filled for the Amendments Committee (AMC)
The AMC consists of 6 persons (3 from the EGP Committee + 3 persons from the Member Parties) and is elected for a period of 3 years. Currently, the following people are part of the Amendments Committee: 

From EGP Committee:

  • Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield
  • Evelyne Huytebroeck
  • Oras Tynkkynen

From the Member Parties:

  • Alexandra Medwedeff (Austria)
  • Janik Feuerhahn (Germany) 
  • Jocelyne Le Boulicaut (ad interim, France)

This Utrecht Council will have to elect one person to fill the third position (male or female). For more information on the Amendments Committee you can check Art 25 in the EGP Rule Book (pages 23-24) HERE.  

2. New Conciliation Panel to be elected
The EGP Conciliation Panel is a body of minimum 5 and maximum 9 persons, elected for a period of 3 years. The current Conciliation Panel consists of 4 members on an ad interim basis (LINK to ad interim Conciliation Panel). 
The Conciliation Panel "is entitled to settle disputes between Members, persons and bodies of the EGP arising from any use or interpretation of the EGP Statutes or Rule Book or other operational matters.” Read more in the EGP Rule Book HERE: Chapter VI Conflict Management, Art 22 (pages 21-22). And important to consult also is annex P in the Rule Book with the Procedures for the operation of the Conciliation Panel (pages 58-62) explained in detail. 
SPECIFICALLY ON THE PROFILE OF CANDIDATES FOR THE CONCILIATION PANEL, please be aware of point 7 in the annex P, which details the profile for members of the Conciliation Panel (partly copied below): 

"VII Profile for members of the European Green Party Conciliation Panel

7.1 Candidates for the Conciliation Panel shall:
a. be a member of one of the EGP Full Members;
b. be available and willing to act as a member of the Conciliation Panel in accordance with the Rules regarding the Conciliation Panel;
c. be nominated by an EGP Member with voting rights;
d. have knowledge of and interest in the European Green Party;
e. have experience of working in a multi-cultural environment on an international level;
f. not be an employee of one of the four European Partners or a member of the Committee.
7.2 The Conciliation Panel shall be balanced in order to avoid bias, which can be achieved through a proper representation of different points of view, i.e. members of the Conciliation Panel shall be elected taking into account:
a. geographical balance;
b. gender balance;
c. age balance;
d. balance as regards the level of development of a party (small / big and many / few elected representatives);
e. juridical knowledge and/or background is preferred for at least one member of the Conciliation Panel" 

3. EGP representatives in the Global Greens Coordination (GGC)
The GGC consists of members from each of the four Federations which make up our Global Green family - the African Green Federation, the Asia-Pacific Green Network, the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas and the European Green Party.
The EGP is entitled to nominate three full members and three alternate members to the Global Greens Coordination (GGC). The EGP Committee members in the GGC are: Péter Ungár and (alternate) Evelyne Huytebroeck. 
At the Utrecht Council you will have to elect the representatives of the member parties in the Global Greens Coordination: first two full members and then two alternate members. Articles 38 and 41 on the Global Greens can be consulted in the EGP Rule Book (pages 32-33) HERE.
In case of an insufficient number of candidates, the Committee may appoint the remaining members. 

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