Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert is Green MEP for the Green Party of England and Wales
  • Coordinator of the Commitee Employment and Social Affairs
  • Substitute Member of the Commitee Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
  • Chair of the Delegation South Asia
  • Substitute Member of the Delegation India
  • Biography
    • Member of the UK Green Party since 1977
    • Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales, 1992-93 and 1998-1999
    • Chair of the Green Party Executive in 1994
    • Author of No Change? No Chance!  
    • Member of the Campaign for Climate Change Advisory Board
    • Involvement in Charter 88, the Hansard Society, the Dalit Solidarity Network, Make Votes Count, Justice and the Waltham Forest Race Equality Council
    • First woman to chair the board of a building society in the UK (Ecology Building Society).
    • Was voted 2005 MEP of the year in the field of Justice and Human Rights
    • Member of the European Parliament since 1999

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