Norway's capital votes to reduce climate emissions by 95%

Lan Marie Berg, Oslo's Vice Mayor for the Environment and Transportation who belongs to our local Green party, Miljøpartiet De Grønne, is pleased to announce the new plan.

Oslo answers the call from world leaders in Paris last December. “Climate change is not something that should be solved elsewhere, later or by someone else, but by us, today”, says Berg.

The new goals include a 50% decrease in climate emissions by 2020, and a 95% decrease by 2030, compared to 1990-levels. Every party in the city council except for the right-wing Progress party supported the plan.

“I am very happy to see that this strategy has strong bipartisan support. That is important, because we depend on a close cooperation between the city government, our citizens, the private sector, the national government and our neighbouring municipalities to succeed. Luckily, we see a lot of enthusiasm from different actors who want to take part, and find good Green solutions for our city”, says Lan Marie Berg.

The most important parts of the strategy are to phase out all use of fossil fuels in heating and transportation, reduce 33% of car traffic by 2030, and deploy carbon capture and storage on the city's main incinerator.

Oslo will also implement emission budgets for the different sectors of the city government, with clear goals and measures to achieve the emission reductions.

“Already we see a large growth in biking across the city, more and more people are getting rid of their old oil furnaces, and we have recently secured funding for large-scale development of public transport in the city. In Oslo, we are finally doing what Norwegian politicians haven't dared to do before - we're not just making speeches, we’re take action on climate change”, says Lan Marie Berg.

This is yet another Green climate success. In 2015, Oslo was the first capital in the world that announced to pull its investments away from the fossil fuel industry. Close to €8 billion will be withdrawn from gas, coal and oil companies.

You can find information in relation to Oslo divesting here.

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