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Netherlands elections: Dutch Green Party GroenLinks casts a good light on Europe



Brussels, 16 March 2017

Commenting on the results of the general elections in the Netherlands, European Green Party Co-Chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni said:

"Dutch voters have returned a very segmented Parliament, which will make it difficult to form the next government, but one thing is clear: the authoritarian populists of Mr Wilders did not manage to attain the dominating position they were hoping for on the basis of many polls over the last year.

"After Austria, this is already the second case in recent European elections when populist authoritarians have failed to take control as they hoped and many feared. The populist winning streak just doesn't exist.

"The great positive surprise is the resurging of the Dutch Green Party GroenLinks. They managed to mobilize positive emotions as hope and the will to change their country for the better through constructive and innovative policies based on an inclusive approach.

"European Greens are proud of this result and want to congratulate the Dutch Greens and in particular their leader Jesse Klaver from the bottom of our hearts. The Dutch election casts a good light on the upcoming elections in France and Germany.

"The authoritarian ways can be stopped. There is more than the dull choice between populism and status quo."

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