In memoriam of Steve Emmott

It is with great sadness that we inform you that EGP Committee member Steve Emmott, at the age of 71, passed away on Thursday, 24 September 2015.
Steve Emmott was Member of the European Green Party Committee since October 2009 and was running for reelection at the upcoming Lyon Council in November. He was also member of The Green Party of England and Wales and member of Ecolo and he was a former Advisor of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. 

The European Green Party loses a committed member, a truly convinced European whose political engagement was led by fighting injustice and nationalism. Steve committed himself to supporting a global Green movement and was preparing himself to take a lead in organizing the joint EGP / Global Greens Congress in spring 2017 in Liverpool, UK. 

The EGP Committee members express their heartfelt condolences for this tremendous loss to Steve's partner Nicole, family and friends.
The funeral has taken place Friday, 2 October. The family announcement is published below. 

You are welcome to share your thoughts below via the comments.   


Family announcement:

family announcement

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mar.garcia's picture


About 2 years ago

Please keep an eye on us, Steve!!! 

I knew Steve by seeing him around in the different Council meetings I attended when firstly engaged to the EGP. To me he was always the tender looking white bearded man that tried his best to make the family come together in those never-ending voting sessions we, greens, love to hold on our Sunday morning Councils sessions. I don’t think there is a single green colleague that will not share this cute vision of our friend. But, furthermore, I got to know him closer when we coincided as Committee members in this current mandate, being elected in Athens 2012. He was serving his second mandate as a member of the executive board of the European Green Party, and was what we would call in Spanish an "old cat”, meaning by that that his long engagement with the green family made of him a priceless source of information about how the things worked, or who was who. Steve has been a solid pillar of the last years of the EGP history.  

During my two years Committee mandate and after for this last year, when already Secretary General, is when I got to know the tireless green supporter, as well as the immense source of inspiration Steve was. I became good friend with this friendly man who I found extremely hard to understand due to his British accent. We managed to overcome that by making him repeat and repeat for several times. But by no doubts we stopped a political discussion for language reasons. To the contrary, making fun of the language issue gave us the opportunity to get to know us even closer. Steve was very much aware of the language as a difficulty/ barrier for understanding. His enormous dedication and commitment to the strengthening and building of the Global Greens thought him how difficult and important this issue can determine the understanding among us!  

Steve, was formally a member of the GPEW and of Ecolo. He had the sensitivity to engage to his adopted Belgian motherland. But furthermore, we was engaged to every single member party we had the opportunity to get to know a bit closer. Tireless searcher of information in order to have the best possible position to asses, he was always a defender of the big values as social justice and democracy!!!    

I will never forget his gentleman sense of humor and capacity of irony. “Greens dare to think differently and are not ashamed of their radical ideas no matter how long it takes the rest of the world to catch up. Sometimes it can even be annoying when other political families start to agree with us”, he said once. 

He peacefully died last Thursday after what had been a very hard year for him, and because of an unexpected cancer. We were all shocked and among everything sad. It’s very, very sad to loose such a singular and authentic character, so the only thing we can now still do is to pay that small tribute I share with you through these humble words, far away of the added value it meant to all of us having the opportunity to meet him. 

Que la tierra te sea leve, my friend! Wherever you are, please don’t forget to keep an eye on us!!!! 


peter.davis's picture


About 2 years ago

Very sad news. I met Steve initially at Dakar where his energy and enthuisiasm for progressing green politics was very evident. He has contributed so much.

Liaquat Ali Shaikh

About 2 years ago

It is really hard to believe that he is not among us physically anymore. I come to know him since I become more active in Global Greens. I found him always supportive and friendly toward me.He have ken interest in development of Green Party in Pakistan ,so  he always guide me and were in contact about development.

I will remember him as good person and support of Pakistan Green Party , we miss you Steve.

Mohamed Awad

About 2 years ago

Really I'm so sad..I participated in many meeting related to MEWG with Steve ..I found him so cooperative so supportive to our green thoughts sadness news ..

Lena Lindström

About 2 years ago

Your true green soul will be with us!

I am deeply shocked that our dear collegue Steve has left us. I have been working with Steve first as Financial advisor and since six years in the EGP Committee. He was such a nice person and I always liked to spend time with him. We have shared many good talks and common meals. We had a shared interest in gardening and I sensed that we had a common feeling for the green cause. I admired him for his devotion and also integrity in discussions and debates. In 2009 he stood as candidate for the Treasurers position in EGP. But the Council decided to vote for me in that position and Steve as Committee member and I must say that turned out to be a wise decision by the Council because I think the Green movement on all levels gained from that. Not least the Global level where he has been the EGP representative and a solid pillar and driving force. 

I will remember him as one of the EGP Committee's most active members both out of his own interest and possibility, living near to Brussels. I will remember him with his beard and warm sweathers. I will remember his seriousness and his devotion. I will remember him taking responsibility for handling all amendments at our Councils and of course as our Chair in the voting sessions on sunday mornings. A role that he handled as if he's never done anything else. His "non-broken" native english was wonderful to hear, his gentle, firm and humoristic way was perfect. It is a great loss for us all.

I will plant some trees in his memory. I think he would have liked that.

I will miss him! 

Otto ter Haar's picture

Otto ter Haar

About 2 years ago

Very sad news and totally unexpected. I met Steve many times and I remember him as always full of energy. My condolences to his family and friends.

Global Greens family

About 2 years ago

Steve was loved around the globe by his many friends, colleagues and countless people touched by his kindness, passion and commitment for a Green world.

Steve's legacy is expressed well in his own words: "Together we protect the planet that we call our home".

Steve's caring for people and planet continues through his family and friends, to whom we express our sincere sympathy.

In loving memory of Steve,

The Global Greens Coordination

Global Greens family

About 2 years ago

Steve was loved around the globe by his many friends, colleagues and countless people touched by his kindness, passion and commitment for a Green world.

Steve's legacy is expressed well in his own words: "Together we protect the planet that we call our home".

Steve's caring for people and planet continues through his family and friends, to whom we express our sincere sympathy.

In loving memory of Steve,

The Global Greens Coordination

Robinah K. Nanyunja

About 2 years ago

May his legacy continue to thrive and his soul rest in peace. 


About 2 years ago

Dear all,

It was a great surprise, and shock, to learn of Steve's death. He had always seemed so vibrant and definitely younger than his 71 years. As far as I recall, I first met Steve between 10 and 15 years ago and he was just so helpful and facilitative. I'm sure the EGP Lyon Council, and indeed the EGP, will be the worse for his passing, as will the proposed EGP and Global Greens Congress in 2017. I hope that at the Lyon Council a few minutes can be spared (maybe rename the Sunday morning session the Steve Emmott Voting Session) to remember Steve.

best wishes

John Street

arnold cassola

About 2 years ago

Oh my God,

This really comes as a shock.  He was such a gentleman, strict and professional in his work, yet always with a human touch and a sense of humour that smothed out things.

We Malta Greens had just nominated Steve for a last term on the EGP Committee.  Now, we know that he will not be there. 

Instead, I am sure that he is already up there (for those who believe) or somewhere else, ensuring that those running the show stick strictly to the rules.... but always with a great smile.

Ciao Steve.  See you soon.  arnold

Anatolie Prohni...

About 2 years ago

Sad news for all green . Steve Emmott was a pillor of the green ideas an all continents. All that creating it was to weel-thout and fundamentally. Was the strong MAN .



About 2 years ago

Dear friends,

I was as shocked as everyone to find out of Steve's passing during the Green Cities Conference last Saturday. He was a vibrant fellow Green that helped me in my first initiation to the EGP councils by simply addressing me as an equal and being ever so patient with my questions and requests. His casual manner and matter-of-fact attitude has always been unique and inspiring. I wish him well in the next realm and offer my deepest condolences to his immediate loved ones and friends. He will be sorely missed.

Efi Xanthou, Nicosia Cyprus

Ute Michel

About 2 years ago

When I remember Steve, of course there he is steering a sometimes rather heterogeneous and very earnestly argumentative crowd of Greens through the compromise amendment sessions and the Sunday morning voting sessions at Council meetings.

But I can also see the results of his toiling in the background, quietly and untiringly: through papers written, huge contributions to statutes, rule book and other seemingly boring organisational matters which are nevertheless vital for the smooth and fair functioning of our party, by asking challenging questions, by being supportive and eager to find common ground, but equally ready to speak his mind when he felt very strongly about something.

And there is Steve, the genuinely nice human being caring fervently about people and the planet.

A huge loss indeed. And yet, I am certainly still going to consider, “What would Steve have thought or done?” when deliberating various issues, and so part of him continues to be with us on our way.

Susanne Rieger

About 2 years ago

We all will miss you Steve! I will not forget our fact finding mission to Croatia, the time we spend with meetings and talks, your way of beeing serious, critical and empatic at the same time. Open for to find solutions, to see the positive and the good and not to focus on the bad and the things missing!

I will keep him in my memory and I am sad that he passed away so early. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Susanne Rieger, Fundación Nous Horitzons and Co-chair Green European Foundation

Tommy Schweiger

About 2 years ago

I have worked with Steve very closely for several years on the intense campaign against the Biotech Patent Directive, back in the 90ies. He has become a friend ever since, and I last had lunch with him only a few months ago. It is sad to see a really committed, truely Green European pass away. His way of action was silent, yet always devoted to the cause. And in his garden and with his beloved partner he lived his own privare life a very green way. I will allways remember you, Steve !

Mieke van der Vegt

About 2 years ago

Dear friends,

What a shock it was to hear this weekend that Steve passed away. Last time I met him he was still the energetic and enthusiastic man I knew. I -and I think that counts for most of us- will especially miss him chairing the Council voting sessions on Sunday mornings. With his British humour he made them fun instead of just necessary.

My condolences to his near colleagues, GPEW and of course to his family and friends. 

Mieke van der Vegt

international secretary GroenLinks

Caroline Lucas

About 2 years ago

This is such incredibly sad news.  And it's happened so quickly - I can hardly believe it.  It's less than 6 weeks ago that we stayed with Niki and Steve at their lovely home outside Brussels, and walked in the countryside, ate wonderful food, and laughed together.  

Steve was a man so full of warmth and humanity, humour and kindness.   And a man of such principle and conviction too.  It was a privilege to have known him.

We met first when he was the GMO adviser for the Green Group, and then got to know each other much better when he advised us on international trade issues - we travelled together to the WTO talks in Hongkong, and plotted together against the EU Commission.  His knowledge and wisdom made complex trade issues comprehensible and clear - and oddly, a lot of fun as well.

It feels like there is a big hole at the centre of European Green politics - and he will be hugely missed by us all.

Rest in peace, dear Steve


Johan Hamels, f...

About 2 years ago

Dear Steve,

it has been a long journey working and fighting for what is right, for what is needed.

You were a dear colleague in the EGP councils and in the Global Greens events.

You were one of those who could bridge the waters between the British island and the European mainland. It was enriching for me.

I recall so many meetings, but the one I recall the most was at your house, when you – aside from EGP and GG business – showed me your garden, the treasure which gave you energy and time off to recharge.

You engaged yourself and motived others to do the same. I will miss you.

Johan Hamels

International Liaison

Green party of Canada



saraswati matthieu

About 2 years ago

Witty, warm, a bit stubborn at times, dedicated, humble. Those words come to mind while thinking of Steve. I had the privilege to know and work with this wonderful man for many years within the EGP. But most closely the last three years we were both committee members. Steve was an added value to the conversation, regardless of the political or practical topic. A clear view, an analytic mind and tireless perseverance to come up with a solution that was consensual. He was one of those that worked hard for our common green goals but never expected praise or applause for it. He did it out of true dedication for the Global and European greens. He was an inspiration for me, I remember him telling us it was his 70th birthday and I could hardly believe it. He was not one to say ‘j’ai déjà donné’/I have given enough. Even when the news of his sickness struck, he was still considering running for another term as a committee member. That is true selflessness, not many would be able to compete. Steve, you were a wonderful friend and colleague, I am so sad I never got a chance to say goodbye. Now all I can do is send you a warm hug and tell you that you won’t be forgotten. With love, Saraswati

Sue Groves

About 2 years ago

I am writing this on Steve's laptop and so I hope that if the message appears as if it has been sent from Steve himself,  it doesn't cause anyone any distress.

I just wanted to let you all know that his family are reading your comments and taking great comfort from the lovely things that you are saying.  Thank you for taking the time to share your memories of Steve here.

Sue (Steve's sister)


About 2 years ago

Incredibly sad news.  Steve & I first met in 1989 and we were in close contact throughout the 90's and up to 2002 while he was Policy Advisor to the Greens.  Such a genuinely nice (and funny!) man, and always very helpful.  He had so much knowledge!  His beliefs about the environment and life's true values carried over into his personal life as witnessed by anyone who was lucky enough to visit his & Niki's beautiful home & garden.  We hoped to see them again ...  RIP dear Steve and 'bon courage à ses proches'.


Jacqueline Cremers

About 2 years ago

Passion for Green politics.

When I called him (and I did make use of his council many times) his partner Nicole often had to fetch him from the garden, or, even more than not, not able to, had to excuse him for being hard at work, digging into the ground. When spring arrived Steve was buzzingly busy as a bee to get his garden going for the year. One, next to his family, of the very few reasons that could keep him from European Green Politics.

He had decided to candidate for his third term as Committee member he told me earlier this year when we were exchanging views on the Global Greens, another passion we profoundly shared. Steve had a deep understanding that Green Parties and movements can have many faces but that the bond of Green politicians and parties based on the principles of the Global Green Charter form a strong support base. That sharing experiences for Greens within Europe and all over the world is helpfull to try and make things work better.

I was very happy hearing of his candidacy for the Committee; a wealth of experience, a committed worker and a sharp political mind that would continue to work for the European and Global Green movements. Steve was a profound democrat and sincerely upset about the apparant thriving authoritarian and totalitarian tendencies in today's society. He would give his best to change this and promote democracy.

On a personal level Steve was a such a kind and friendly man, and a passionately caring family man. Who could sometimes be uncompromisingly adamant when it came to the principles that drove him. Not always right, but often so very right.

I am sure that Steve would have loved to continue his life and his political work and I am so terribly sad he is no longer with us. It was an honor to have been able to work with such a solid and compassionate colleague and I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. Fare well Steve, and please, excuse me for my 'pauvre Anglais'.

Jacqueline Cremers

farmer at the Yak farm Orfaguet

Secretary General of the European Green Party 2009 – 2014


About 2 years ago

It's a shock for me to read the sad news of Steve. I have many fond memories of working with him, when I was assistant to Magda Aelvoet in the EP. My thoughts are with his family and friends and all the green friends who knew him.

Jan Mertens

Yoav Shemer Kunz's picture

Yoav Shemer Kunz

About 2 years ago

I was looking forward for the coming Lyon EGP council to see once again how Steve is handiling the Sunday morning voting session, with his clever funny British way which always fascinated me, with his calm and relaxed voice and presence in front of the often excited room. His unique personality turned this often boring bureaucratic moment to a friendly family gathering.

He will be missed by many. I am happy to learn more about his career, personal life, his ideas, his values and integrity through the comments here, and I find his European engagement inspiring.

Tsetsi Vula

About 2 years ago

We already miss Steve, his integrity, dignity , competence, passion , humor and smile.

Yesterday's ceremony was wonderful .He remained himself till the end...

I would like to thank him for that and for his precious contribution to defend and promote  the Green ideas.

A big hug to his family ..

Vula Tsetsi , Secretary General Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament


About 2 years ago
The International Committee of the Scottish Green Party wish to send our sincere condolences on hearing the news of the sudden death of Steve Emmott, a long time friend and colleague of the Scottish Green Party. We had only just pledged our support for Steve’s ongoing membership of the EGP Committee, in the knowledge that he would be represent a trusted and experienced voice from the UK on this Committee.
Not only was Steve committed to fighting injustice and passionate about supporting a pan European Green movement, but he was crucial to the successful joint bid with GPEW for the EGP Global Greens Congress in 2017. We were very much looking forward to working with him and ensuring the success of this project.
His gentlessness, humanity and lack of ego was combined with a strong commitment to the Green principles that drove his work. His passing has come as a tremendous shock to us here in Scotland

Jean Lambert

About 2 years ago

I'm writing in two respects: one as someone who has known Steve for a number of years but also because I have been asked to do so by the GMAB (Green MEPs Avdisory Board) of the GPEW - who spent some time remembering him at our recent meeting on Friday.. Steve joined the advisory board as our financial advisor not only because he knew about accounting but also understood the politics of this and understood the working of the European Parliament - a very rare combination. He was invaluable in dealing with the Bx administration with a mix of steel and politeness and was liked and trusted by all. We had asked him o help because he was a man of humour and integrity, who got things done. My office loved his commitment to the Global Greens as a political force and he has helped to create something of hope. We will miss him for so many reasons.

SaaraIlvessalo's picture


About 2 years ago

It was an honour to know Steve and see his passion for making the world a better place. My condolences to his family!

Fatima Alaoui

About 2 years ago

Steve EMOTT: un Vert mort debout - Comme tous les combattants Verts de l' Ecologie politique  Steve n 'a pas eu le temps de se plaindre ou de gémir. Stoïque il est mort debout  pour sauver notre Planète pour sauver l'unité de la Global greens telle la  rédaction de notre lettre ensemble en Mars 2015 dans un café à Bruxelles. Stève s 'est révélé comme maîtrisant  le français  donc adopté par nous avec notre ami Juan Behrend afin de faire connaitre à l'ensemble la solidarité des Verts mondiaux  avec L'Afrique. Que STEVE  repose  en Paix et toutes mes condoléances avec celles de Verts marocains à sa famille et à l"ensemble des Verts du monde
Fatima Alaoui -  Secrétaire général du parti des Verts pour le développement Maroc; membre fondateur de la Gobalgreens Canberra en 2001

Margaret Blakers

About 2 years ago

I can't really remember when Steve arrived on the scene, perhaps at the Global Greens Congress in Sao Paolo in 2008??? Or maybe it was at the Asia Pacific Greens meeting in Taiwan in 2010. After that he was always around, dedicated, hard-working and acting as a vital conduit between the European Greens and the Global Greens. His contribution to building the global movement has been enormous. He can particularly take credit for getting us established as a legally registered organisation in Belgium -- getting those Global Greens statutes agreed in La Paz (Bolivia) was a triumph of overcoming altitute sickness, jetlag and other assorted malaises with Steve keeping everyone within lawyerly bounds. He has played a vital role in the Global Greens  Coordination during the last few years and it seems quite impossible that he won't be with us for the next Congress in the UK in 2017.  We'll have to make sure it's brilliant! Thanks Steve for everything - it's been a joy to know you, Margaret

Benny Haerlin

About 2 years ago

We lose a great fighter against GMOs in the fields and regions of Europe. Steve was among the first to join this campaign in the 1990ies and continued to pariticipate. We did not know what this was about, when he cancelled his participation in the 8th GMO Free Regions Conference (and he had not missed a single one before!). Now we realize with sadness and gratidute.

And we lose a very fine partner in so many respects and discussions!

I will always remember Steve's smile at an early butterfly during a hike in the Swiss mountains around Lucern. Oh boy! Thanks and take care, man!


monica.frassoni's picture


About 2 years ago

Steve was a proud Green and a citizen of the world. He was serious and focused and he had this amazingly sweet and bright smile that sometimes surprised me.

I met him when he arrived in the Green Group in the EP many years ago and he started to work on GMOs, which was then still an exotic and certainly not mainstream issue; he gave a crucial contribution to make it one of the most successful and impactful campaigns for the Greens.

But it was after our respective EP experiences, as a fellow committee member, that I was able to discover and appreciate better his calm commitment, his precious capacity to work in a team and the real added value that he represented for all of us in the EGP.

Delegates to the EGP Council will not forget his talent in accompanying and leading votes and decisions, after careful preparation and a lot of work. We, as a Committee, will miss his presence and his original voice. In this very last period, in these very last weeks, I was very glad that we could work together so well on a most unexpected issue for the crazy federalist I am and the global Briton he was: the future of Europe and how to revive the European dream. We were just at the beginning of this work and we had just agreed on a (for me) exciting workplan, when the news of the illness arrived.. It is also for this reason that I feel a very deep sense of loss. Not only for me personally, of course. But for the whole of the Green family.

Arrivederci, Steve, e che la terra ti sia lieve.

Monica Frassoni
EGP Co-chair


About 2 years ago

Steve, je t'ai croisé plusieurs fois dans les cercles européens, belges, écologistes. J'étais à Helsinki au moment ou certains membres du Comité ont appris ton décès , ce fut l'effondrement, l'incompréhension, le sentiment d'un grand vide . Et puis très vite le souvenir de l'homme engagé et chaleureux. Cest l'image de toi souriant que nous avons tous ensemble regardé sur le grand écran de l'Assemblée.  Tu étais anglais, un peu belge, surtout européen , nous perdons un camarade de combat mais nous le poursuivons aussi en son nom

Eva Goës

About 2 years ago

My global green friend, Steve - I miss you! You left us so quick so we had no chance to say goodbye and thank you for all you have done to make the world greener.You were the link between European Greens and Global Greens, the link to the next Global Greens congress 2017 and the major promotor of legalizing Global Greens.

Your wisdom has sown seeds.

Sleep in peace, where birch trees whiz
Sleep in peace where pines stand
Sleep in peace where sun so fair
Grow your flowers where ever you are

Walk in beauty!

Eva - your "sister" up North

Ballav Timalsina

About 2 years ago

I could not personally meet him, but I m sure he was a think tank for not noly to EGP but also for GG movement aounnd the world. 

We on behalf of Nepali Greens express deep condolence on his sad demise. We pray for his departed soul rest in peace in heaven. 


Nepali Greens and Family

Alice Rosmi

About 2 years ago

I find it hard to imagine a Global Greens Skype meeting without Steve's voice among the others. He has contributed to and moderated so many of those meetings, with his highly appreciated "unbroken English"  and "calm commitment" (as mentioned in some comments above). 

There is one quote from Steve that I always remember and that came to my mind several times in different occasions, which is: "I don't mind picking up a fight. I just need to know what my chanches are". He was always ready to fight against what he would find unfair, which means he was a real Green.

Alice Rosmi, 

Event Manager Global Greens Congress Dakar 2012 and former Global Greens Secretary (2013-2014)

Jean Rossiaud's picture

Jean Rossiaud

About 2 years ago
En tant que délégué des Verts suisses aux Verts européens pendant 12 ans, mais surtout en tant que membre de la Coordination des Global Greens, d’abord suppléant puis titulaire, j’ai pu apprécier à sa juste valeur la droiture et l’efficacité de Steve. Je partageais également sa vision d’une écologie, ancrée à gauche.
Steve aura marqué les Verts européens comme les Verts mondiaux, et il faudra que nous nous en souvenions.
Une pensée émue vers ceux qui l’ont connu et qui le regretteront.
Jean Rossiaud
Membre de la Coordination des Global Greens
Conseiller municipal Ville de Genève
Député suppléant Parlement de Genève


About 2 years ago

Steve un Vert  mort debout 

Comme tous les combattants Verts de l' Ecologie politique  Steve n 'a pas eu  le temps de se plaindre ou de gémir. 
Stoïque il est mort debout  pour sauver notre Planète pour sauver l'unité de la Global greens telle la  rédaction de notre lettre ensemble en Mars 2015 dans un café à Bruxelles Stève s 'est révélé comme maîtrisant  le français  donc adoubé pour  l' anglais pour faire connaitre à l'ensemble la solidarité des Verts mondiaux  avec L'Afrique 
Que STEVE  repose  en Paix et toutes mes condoléances avec celles de Verts marocains à sa famille et à l"ensemble des Verts du monde 
Fatima Alaoui
membre de la Coordination des GLOBAL Greens
Secétaire géral du Parti des VERTS maroc
Oscar Rodriguez manjon's picture

Oscar Rodriguez...

About 2 years ago

Membre EGP y ICV honor y pasion y que sigamos haciendo políticas y defender los parajes naturales europeos


About 2 years ago

I am shocked by this sad news and also angry that cancer took away another great person. For me Steve was the epitome of EGP’s rules and procedures and I’ll remember him with his punctuality and focus. I wish to know him better. What a great loss for the Green family! Mine and from Zelenite, Bulgaria condolences to his family, friends and colleagues!

Tommy Simpson

About 2 years ago

I would also like to add my condolences to Steve's family. He will be sadly missed in the Green family as well. He was always most helpful and pragmatic on issues that we raised from Ireland and the former Green Islands Network. His effective marshalling of the Sunday morning sessions on resolutions with such a gracious manner will be especially missed.  Ar dheis De go raibh a anam.

Rosemary Phillimore

About 1 year ago

Steve and I were mates at school together in Hong Kong in the early 1960s. He was a kind, thoughful and gentle person then so I am not surprsied that he went onto to become an infuence in such a worthwhile area of society. We only recently found each other again at a school reunion . I am so sad that I didn't make the promised cycling trip to Belgium to see him and Nikki.  My condolences

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