The Green Primary is easy!

The European Green Party (EGP) will organise an open Europe-wide Online Primary to select the two leading candidates for the 2014 European Elections. Anyone in the EU who is over the age of 16 and supports Green values can decide who will represent the Greens in our election campaign throughout Europe.

Who is it about?

  1. It's about you. This is the first time citizens will have a chance to make decisions like this on a European level
  2. It's about Europe. Declining trust in the EU means we need more participation by EU citizens in decision making.
  3. It is about the Greens. We show that we’re not just talking about more participation and democracy, we’re living it!

What happens?

EGP EU Member Parties nominate candidates > People vote online and choose two of them to be our two leading candidates > The two winners campaign all over Europe, and debate with the leading candidates from other parties on TV > Green voters are mobilised and go to the polls in larger numbers in May 2014.

How does it work?

At the European Green Party Brussels Council (8 – 10 November) the contenders for the primary will be presented to the public. At midday on Sunday November 10 the online vote will open. Everyone living in the EU, who's above the age of 16 and who shares Green values can register and vote online, until January 28. During this voting phase, we will organise debates to ensure you can make an informed decision. The EGP website will display information about the contenders. At the end, the contender with the highest number of votes will be elected. The second winner will be the person with the next highest number of votes who is from another national list. If the first contender elected is man, the winner will be the woman with the highest number of votes. Once the Green Primary is over, we will present our leading candidates to the public and our third common Green EU campaign will begin! European Elections will take place on May 22-25.

When does it take place?

You can vote online between November 10 and January 28. We'll present the winners the day after voting has ended on January 29.

Where does it take place?

All over Europe! You can vote at, and through the websites of our Member Parties.

Why is it happening?

Because it is more democratic, because we trust our voters to make this decision, because it will help mobilise voters, and because we want to show that we have a credible vision for Europe's future. We will show the people of Europe that politics can be different.

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About 4 years ago

Please uptade the period in the German infographic as the third step displays APRIL 2014 instead of FEB-APR 2014.



Allan Todd

About 4 years ago

An exciting & excellent initiative! So timely to have something truly international - campaigns for both the environment and social justice need just such an approach.

One question: presumably the 2 lead candidates will not debate/ share platforms with fascist candidates?

Eva Schneider

About 4 years ago

Please take the chance and participate. Thanks!


About 3 years ago

Bravo pour cette initiative même si c'est un peu trop en anglais à mon goût. Je suis content d'y avoir participé.


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