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Fukushima anniversary – Europe must abandon nuclear energy

On the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Green parties across the EU are remembering the victims of the tragic accident and are calling for a Europe-wide nuclear phase out. Nuclear energy is expensive and highly risky and Greens will continue to fight against it. People voting Green in the next European elections in May can be sure what they get: a clear ‘no’ to nuclear and a big ‘yes’ to energy saving and renewables.

Commenting on the occasion, Green leading candidate Ska Keller said:

"Europe still has to learn its lessons from Fukushima. Although the catastrophe demonstrated once more that nuclear energy is highly risky, the EU is still investing €15bn in further developing nuclear energy in Europe. We Greens have always fought for a nuclear-free Europe and for investment in Green and safe energy. It is unacceptable that three years after Fukushima the nuclear industry in Europe can still continue with their business-as-usual approach. Toothless stress tests for nuclear power plants and a weak directive on nuclear safety as proposed last year by the European Commission will do nothing to completely rule out a nuclear catastrophe. We only can ensure that there will be no more disasters, by finally abandoning this high-risk technology."

Green leading candidate, José Bové continued:

"Three years after the earthquake that caused the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, the situation is still very dangerous for people. It is out of control and there is no solution. We Greens want to emphasise our firm commitment to a nuclear phase out in Europe. We also stand for developing skills that help to decontaminate and dismantle nuclear technology in order to successfully help all countries abandon this energy source that clearly has no future. In the year following the disaster, Japan managed to reduce its energy consumption by 17%. EU energy consumption must be reduced by 40% over the next 15 years. The aim for Europe should be a reduction in energy consumption by fighting against energy waste, promoting better efficiency and developing renewables."

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