French elections results: Greens breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s too early to cry Hosanna


Brussels, 7 May 2017 


Commenting on the results of the second round of the French presidential elections, European Green Party Co-chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni said:

"Emmanuel Macron’s victory is good news for France and for Europe. We congratulate the new French President. Just like many citizens, Greens breathe a sigh of relief that a clear majority of French voters rejected the extreme right of Marine LePen. 

"President Macron's victory left the door open for the necessary changes for our common European project. But it’s too early to cry Hosanna: the real fight still lies ahead. 

" Emmanuel Macron will have to show how far he is able to translate the trust which this election has invested in him into effective reforms at the French and European levels.

"President Macron in his campaign did not give high priority to environmental and other Green issues. They did still play a role and will have to be made an integral part of any progressive agenda. France and President Macron cannot turn their back to the Green transition, if they want to cope with social and environmental challenges. We Greens will continue to fight for these changes, as a partner where possible and as an opponent where necessary." 

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