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The political situation in Macedonia is deteriorating

We held an interview with the leader of our Macedonian Candidate Member Party, Demoktratska Obnova na Makedonija (DOM), to get a better understanding of the situation and DOM’s response to it


Celebrating Earth, celebrating home

On Thursday April 21, The European Green Party celebrated the opening for signatures of the COP21 Paris Agreement which coincides with Earth Day


A hollow victory for the fossil government? It will depend on us

European Green Party Co-Chair, Monica Frassoni, responds to the results of the Italian referendum on offshore drilling


Bulgaria fines Green politician for “insult” over Facebook post

Borislav Sandov

In Bulgaria, freedom of speech has hit a new low as Borislav Sandov, former Co-Chair of our local Green member party Zelenite, was found guilty of “insult” over a personal Facebook post


Congratulations to the newly elected spokespeople of the Norwegian Greens

Last weekend our Member Party in Norway, Miljøpartiet De Grønne, held its party congress in Oslo, electing Rasmus Hansson and Une Aina Bastholm as the party's spokespeople


Interview with Annalisa Corrado on the upcoming Italian referendum on offshore drilling

Italy gets to vote in a referendum on April 17 to determine whether or not fossil fuel companies will be allowed to continue drilling for oil and gas near the Italian coast. To get to the bottom of the issue and to see what is at stake here, we interviewed a local engineer, Annalisa Corrado


Panama papers reveal international circle of tax evasion

Bay area

Last week one of the biggest financial leaks in history hit the public arena. Aptly named the Panama Papers, we take a look at what this actually entails


Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds 11th National Assembly conclusions

ICV 11th National Assembly

Last weekend our Catalan Member Party, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds, held their 11th National Assemblyn which was attended by our Secretary General, Mar Garcia


The impact of austerity on our health

People protesting

On World Health Day we take the time to have a look at where we stand in terms of our healthcare. Unfortunately, we can see that austerity measures are gradually crippling our healthcare systems in a large part of Europe


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