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Green Support for Vestager's Apple Ruling

From Apple to IKEA, the European Greens are calling for tax justice in Europe and strongly support the European Commission’s action on the subject


Co-Chair Monica Frassoni on the Bratislava Summit

Co-Chair Monica Frassoni issues a statement ahead of the informal meeting of the 27 heads of state or government in Bratislava


The #FossilFree2016 campaign at the Green Summer Universities​

The European Green Party and its member parties don’t stop working on a better future just because it’s summer. This calmer time of less day-to-day business is perfect for discussing long-term Green policies and for learning and debating intensively. Therefore, many EGP member parties organise annual “Summer universities” in which all of this is possible. This year, we focused on our Fossil Free 2016 campaign to divest from fossil fuels, with EGP material and staff being present at several member parties’ events.


Statement of the Belarusian Green Party on the results of parliamentary elections in Belarus on September 11

This year, representatives of the Belarusian Party of Greens took an active part in the election campaign and put forward five candidates for Deputy Mandate in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus.

We did not expect the elections to be transparent, democratic and fair, because the authorities have not created conducive conditions for this.


The EU Must Reset or it Will Stagnate

The Co-Chairs of the European Green Party comment on today’s State of the Union address by the European Commission President 


Green Party of England and Wales elects new leaders

On Friday 2 September 2016, the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) kicked-off their three-day autumn Party Conference in Birmingham, electing Natalie Bennett’s successors


Irish Government Should Not Appeal ‘Incredibly Thorough’ European Commission Ruling on Apple

Ireland's Green Party states that the Government should not appeal the Commission’s ruling that Apple avoided €13 billion in tax as to do so would be ‘wasting time’


Brexit Summit in Ventotene


Co-Chair Monica Frassoni Comments on the Brexit Meeting in Ventotene


Energised Greens in Croatia and Slovenia

Oras Tynkkynen and Vesna Jusup, a Committee and staff member respectively, detail their inspiring meetings with the Croatian and Slovenian Greens


Whistleblower protection: A matter of freedom, justice and public interest

Whistleblower protest in European Parliament

Whistleblower protection has been one of the topics du jour over the past weeks. The Greens refused to sit still and have launched a directive to protect whistleblowers across Europe


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