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Extraordinary elections in Sweden cancelled

In Sweden, extraordinary elections were due to be called at the end of December for March 22, after the government failed to get its budget through parliament. However, the announcement was cancelled after the governing parties (the Social Democrats and the Greens) reached an agreement with the Alliance parties, making it possible going forward for a candidate for Prime Minister from a minority coalition to be accepted and to form a government, and for such a government to have its budget adopted in parliament. 


The Italian presidency - what did Italy do or not do?

On the eve of the last Council meeting of 2014, Monica Frassoni reflects on the Italian presidency of the European Council, which ends at the end of December.


Climate Change Diplomacy: Failed in Lima. Fail better in Paris

Reinhard Bütikofer's blog post on COP20


Joschka Debates Europe

Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany, presented his latest book ''Scheitert Europa?'' ['Will Europe Fail?'] to and audience in Brussels – a perfect event to close the political year!


Will Europe Fail? Joschka Fischer Debates Europe - LIVE


The European Green Party is delighted to present Joschka Fischer, the Green former Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany.

In October, Fischer published his most recent book under the German title "Scheitert Europa?" [Will Europe Fail?] (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne 2014). This evening (Wednesday, 10 December) he'll be presenting his analyses and ideas live from Brussels.


Malmö - Green city

With more than 600 000 inhabitants in the greater metropolitan area, Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city. The city is undergoing a major transformation – it was once a declining industrial centre with numerous brownfield sites, but now it's turning into a dynamic, Green and industrially efficient city.


Switzerland: Strict immigration rules overwhelmingly rejected

Last week, a large majority of voters in Switzerland dismissed a proposal to reduce Switzerland’s ecological footprint by introducing strict immigration curbs. 74% of voters rejected the so-called “EcoPop” initiative, which would have reduced net immigration from 80,000 to 16,000 in order to “halt overcrowding and environmental degradation”.


Swedish Greens ready for a new election campaign

The Swedish Prime Minister has called snap elections for 22 March 2015, after his government lost a budget vote on 3 December. The Swedish Green party Miljöpartiet de gröna, who have six ministers in the outgoing government, have reacted to the development by confirming that they are ready for the campaign ahead. 


Ghent - Green city

In January 2015, Ghent will launch a new Climate Plan 2014–2019, which will guide the city towards climate neutrality by 2050. To reach this target, the city will work with its citizens, companies and organisations through innovative approaches.


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