EGP Spring council in Madrid


The European Green Party Spring Council is being held May 10-12, 2013, in Madrid, Spain, where we will have the opportunity to understand where Europe is today, and how we, together, can create a European society that strives to be fair. As we present the potential for one country, we will build on the possibilities for Europe and the common Green 2014 election campaign.

Reclaim the Future

The Spring Council focuses towards our proposals for empowering our youth.  On Thursday evening with a public debate in the center of Madrid, close to the square where the indignados camped, two years ago. We plan a plenary discussion at the Council for Saturday on our draft paper: “Reclaim the future; emancipatory action by, for and of European youth”.

The Council provides the opportunity to meet with many representatives of EQUO, learn more about the party and the EQUO politicians. This young party is establishing itself on the national electoral map and is gearing up for the elections next year where hopes are high for representation at the European level.

Renewable energy and Spain are an obvious combination and the Green Group in the European Parliament are organising a focus session on Friday morning May 10. In Spain, energy prices are soaring and the government reaction has been to end subsidies for renewable energy, while considering proposals for highly controversial and polluting shale gas exploitation. Against this backdrop, the Green Group will present proposals for a viable energy sector in both Spain and Europe as a whole.

Together with the member parties, the European Green Party is preparing for the EU2014 elections. The Committee will present its proposals to the Council. Together under one roof, with the opportunity for both structured and informal debate and exchange, we will be advancing the common electoral campaign throughout the Council.

In the menu above, you will find the programme schedule, the registration page, the practical information, the draft documents to vote and much more!

Contact us if you have any questions!

See you in Madrid!

Jacqueline Cremers
EGP Secretary-General


Read up in preparation to the meeting:

frackingEQUO salute further regional success in banning fracking in Spain
EQUO, the Spanish Green Party, have welcomed the decision by the regional government of Andalucía to call a halt to fracking in the Doñana Natural Park.

Equo protestEQUO continue to push for mortgage solutions
Europe’s economic downturn has hit Spain especially hard. Over 27% of the population is unemployed. Among young people, the figure has surged to over 50%.

Spain and German youth meetSpanish and German young Greens share passion for improving the EU
Red EQUO Joven, the young Spanish Greens, travelled to Germany to meet with the Stuttgart branch of the young German Greens. The meeting was to help strengthen networks between the two young green organizations, and to learn from each other’s experiences.

GEJ Organic farming and agricultural movements in Spain
Against the backdrop of Spain’s desperate economic situation, the organic industry is one source of positive news. However despite its potential, significant barriers to its development remain.

FlagsSpain’s staggering unemployment is setting to European Greens Spring Council
This is the dire backdrop as the Greens head to Madrid - a setting that makes the Green position for economic growth all the more urgent. This is where the Green way out of the crisis can, and must, step in.

Mar GarciaNumbers hide the real face of unemployment in Spain
Blog entry by Mar Garcia Sanz

Mar GarciaMar Garcia Sanz on the problems in Spain
Mar Garcia Sanz is going to the Spring Council in Madrid and we asked our EGP Committee member what Greens have to offer in her country.

Green energyGood news in Spain short-lived as green energy strangled
"While unemployment grows above any acceptable level in Spain, the government is actively dismantling important green industrial sectors, such as renewable energy, and destroying more jobs," said Juan López de Uralde, leader of Spain's Green party, Equo.
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EGP/FYEGA need to change youth unemployment in Europe
EGP co-chairperson Reinhard Bütikofer along with Terry Reintke, co-spokesperson for the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) share a statement on the recently announced European Commission Youth Package.

Blog iconAre Europe's youth to be the collateral damage of austerity?
Spain has unemployment levels that have reached 26.6%. If you are under 25, then you can only wish, hope, beg, plead for that level. Spain's youth are facing an unemployment level of 55%. That means Spain, alone, is bearing the social strains of nearly one quarter of all Europe's unemployment. That is one country in 27. See if the Europe-wide perspective is fair, now.
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