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Reviving European Democracy

voting in Madrid

In light of declining public support for the European Union, the European Green Party (EGP) has launched an ambitious plan to revive European democracy. In a first for a European political party, the Greens will invite citizens to participate in a pan-European online primary, to select two Green leading candidates for the 2014 European elections.


The Valsusa Tunnel should not be a European priority

"There is a better way to do this. We do not need grandiose infrastructure projects. By upgrading the rail lines around Lyon and Turin and shifting transport policy to a polluter pays principle that favours rail transport over road, by suppressing the incentives to trucks, by fully exploiting the potential of the recently restructured existing tunnel - which can carry 20 million tons a year, rather than the 3.5 currently passing through it - we can ensure that we have a viable, sustainable and progressive infrastructure system in the Susa area.


European Greens call for solidarity with Hungarian people

“Our Green goal in this political controversy is to help Hungarian citizens, and protect their fundamental liberty and freedoms," said  Reinhard Bütikofer European Green Party co-chair . "This is in the very same sense of European solidarity on which the reunification of Europe has been built, when Hungary joined the European Union almost ten years ago after overcoming an authoritarian one-party rule.”


EGP advocates for transnational lists to EU election recommendations 

The European Green Party welcomes the recommendations by the European Commission to strengthen the link between citizens, national political parties and the European Union with, amongst other things, the proposal that all European political parties nominate a leading candidate for the Commission Presidency.


Youth Guarantee Scheme will only succeed if EU puts money where its mouth is

Youth unemployment across Europe is currently 24% - 7.5 million people. EU-wide programs such as this, especially in these economic conditions, require adequate funding “Let’s all agree that on this very basic issue of solidarity Europe must put its money where its mouth is," said Bütikofer.


More clarity and ambition, Chancellor Merkel!

The European Greens call on Chancellor Merkel to be more concrete in her approach to EU relations with Turkey.


Historic EP vote throws down gauntlet to EU governments to ensure more sustainable CFP

MEPs have today voted to finally put the EU's fisheries policy on a sustainable footing, addressing overfishing in Europe and beyond. This historic vote, the first time parliament has had a role as co-decider on EU fisheries policy, throws down the gauntlet to EU governments, who will meet in Council this month to decide their position on CFP reform.


UK Prime Minister shows weak leadership on EU

The European Green Party (EGP) reacted with dismay to David Cameron’s speech this morning, where he outlined his plans to hold an in-out referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.


Lyon – Turin, transit through the Alps: Greens propose infrastructure that is adapted to what is needed

Costly, remote and based on unrealistic assumptions, the construction of an additional 57 km international tunnel between Lyon, France, and Turin, Italy, is not a priority. The Greens call for a joint transport policy that favors multi-use transport, in particular with an eco fee for heavyweight transport using the existing railway connections.


End of war and call for lasting peace between Hamas and Israel - EU can make a difference

With regard to the urgent need to revive a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, the European Parliament has taken a strong stance in favour of recognition of Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly as requested by Palestinian President Abbas.  Greens call on HR/VP Ashton and all member states to come together in support for this long awaited step.


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