IKEA report: IKEA avoided €1 billion in taxes by using the European taxation system to its own benefit

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The IKEA report released by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament sheds light on IKEA’s tax avoidance practices and uncovers glaring weaknesses of the European taxation system


Video: Philippe Lamberts - the most hated man in the City

Video: Follow Green MEP Philippe Lamberts as he confronts UK media over the cap on bankers salaries. Starting in 2014, bonuses are limited to twice the base salary and is the start of added responsibility and accountability being pressed into the European financial sector.


Tax on savings of Cypriot people irresponsible and risks destroying confidence of the people in the EU

The proposals from the Eurogroup are not an intelligent way of handling the problems with Cyprus’s economy, and a far from intelligent way of treating the people of Cyprus.


Food for thought or food for nought

In real terms, we pay less for food now than we've ever done, relative to income/GDP. The food industry has pushed the price of food down to breaking point by externalising costs all the way, reducing quality and nearly bankrupting suppliers. We have to ask ourselves whether we have got our food production and consumption patterns right.


Green European Journal on the Netherlands and fiscal treaty

Two articles in the Green European Journal this week are of particular relevance to on-going debates in the European Green movement. 


Greens hail landmark moment for FTT


FTT imageCommenting on this week's announcement that a group of eleven EU member states has agreed to move forward with the implementation of a common financial transaction tax through an 'enhanced cooperation' procedure (1), Green economic and finance spokesperson Emilie Turunen (MEP, Denmark) stated: "This breakthrough on the financial transaction tax (FTT) is a landmark moment both for the EU, which will become the first place in

Alternatives to austerity with a cooperative economy

Introduction from the report: Our economic system is lost at sea. Steered for too long by the wrong compass, we have privileged short-term, rentier finance over long-term and sustainable wealth creation.


Crucial gaps in banking regulation legislation


There can be no one-size-fits-all regulatory approach to dealing with the different models and risks they imply but current EU legislation fails to reflect this. In practice, this would imply adapting key requirements, like capital, liquidity and leverage ratios, to the different risks associated with the different models.

EU Summit must commit to taming money markets

Today’s European Union (EU) Summit would be useless for Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, unless European policy leaders publicly commit to keep onboard all countries and to cover debts – if need be – through the European Central Bank (ECB).


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