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Greens remain force to be reckoned with in EU politics

“The outcome of these European elections underlines the growing appeal of Green policies across the EU. The European Green family will have a wider geographic representation, following breakthroughs by Greens in new EU member states and renewed European Parliament representation in other member states. Our Green message is striking a chord with a wider European audience and this gives us a solid platform to push for the implementation of our policies at EU level."


First European Presidential Debate

The first ever European Presidential Debate took place in Maastricht on April 28. Green leading candidate Ska Keller went head to head with the other candidates for the presidency of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (European People’s Party), Martin Schulz (Party of European Socialists), Guy Verhofstadt (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party) to explain how Europe can and must do better.


Factcheck - Schengen border controls

In the Big Crunch Presidential Debate, Green leading candidate Ska Keller said that the Schengen free travel area is a key European achievement, but "unfortunately all of your different political groups have voted for introducing temporary border controls within the Schengen Area."

Mr. Verhofstadt and Mr. Schulz both groaned, and Mr. Verhofstadt cut across Ska to say: "No. It is not true. What you are saying is completely not true. ... it's untrue what you said, that we have safeguard the Schengen acquis is still applicable, and the exception that was made was to counter proposals by the Council that was made to end the acquis. It's the opposite. The opposite of what you are saying."


Big Crunch Presidential Debate


The Big Crunch Presidential Debate takes place this afternoon in Brussels at 14h30 CET.  Watch it live here.


Ska Keller takes part in online chat

Our Green leading candidate Ska Keller has taken part in a live Facebook chat hosted by Eurovision Debate, who are also hosting a debate between candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission on 15 May.


Greens launch ‘Change Europe’ social media tool

The European Green Party (EGP) has launched its ‘Change Europe’ social media tool today, which gives everyone the chance to campaign for Green change in Europe easily. Users from all over the EU can tell the world what changes they think Europe most urgently needs, by creating and publishing an image on Facebook in the style of the posters of the common Green European election campaign.


Irish Greens call for a new direction

Comhaontas Glas, the Irish Green party, held their convention in Dublin on 6-7 March, with over 200 people in attendance. The theme of the convention was ‘A New Direction’, a reference to the ‘from the ground-up’ vision of Green politics, and how the Greens want to rebuild society in a new way.


Martin Schulz elected as PES leading candidate

On 2 March, Martin Schulz was elected as the leading candidate of the Party of the European Socialists with over 90% of delegate’s votes. While the result itself can be considered a solid one, the general outcome of the vote can hardly be considered a surprise. Unlike the other main political families who allowed or even encouraged competition in the run-up to the designation of their leading candidates – with the Ska Keller and José Bové elected as our Green leading candidates by approximately 23,000 Europeans – Schulz stood as the sole contender in the PES race.


Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen select their list for the European elections

The German Greens gathered in Dresden for their Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz, a three day conference from February 7-9 to decide on their manifesto and select their list for the upcoming European elections. With over 600 amendments and a thrilling race for the top positions on the list, it was an exciting weekend in Dresden.


Thank you for voting – the Green Primary is over!

At 11h00 CET tomorrow, we will announce our two leading candidates for the upcoming Green European election campaign. This duo will head our campaign across the EU, and present our vision for Europe's future. Europe needs Green change, and the change we will bring is a more sustainable, fairer and democratic EU.


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