Greens remain force to be reckoned with in EU politics

“The outcome of these European elections underlines the growing appeal of Green policies across the EU. The European Green family will have a wider geographic representation, following breakthroughs by Greens in new EU member states and renewed European Parliament representation in other member states. Our Green message is striking a chord with a wider European audience and this gives us a solid platform to push for the implementation of our policies at EU level."


Greens continue with innovative campaigning in final phase

The Greens will round off an innovative common campaign by continuing to put Europeans at the centre of the final phase. People come first in our politics and we're putting people first in our campaign. We've shown that pan-European activism and engagement is working. Our campaign video isn't just politicians talking about their issues. It’s people from across Europe talking about the changes that they want to see. The video  – What kind of Europe do you want? – can be found here.


Proposals for a Green Commission - The European Alternative we Greens fight for

Green leading candidates Ska Keller and José Bové have released their proposals for the Green EU Commission Presidency. The proposals highlight that the direction Europe will take is the choice of the European people, and theirs alone. Europe can't continue with the same old policies – it is time to reclaim the European project.


Europe agrees: Keller was last night's stand out candidate

The Eurovision Debate, which was the final televised presidential debate, took place in Brussels last night. It was broadcast across 49 TV stations, 39 websites and 10 radio stations across the world, and saw Green leading candidate Ska Keller impress with how she presented our vision for how Europe can and must do better.

European media broadly agree – Ska was one of last night's stand out appearances. Here's a short selection of what people are saying.


Café Europe – Green Campaign Kick-Off in Berlin

Greens from all over Europe came to take part in the Green Campaign Kick-off Café Europe in Berlin, with the Green candidates sending out the same message: Europe can and must do better. We Greens are fighting for an ecological, more democratic Europe with more solidarity.


Ska takes part in Big Crunch Presidential Debate

In the second of a two-day programme of debates, Ska Keller has taken part in the Big Crunch Presidential Debate, which was broadcast on radio stations across Europe live from the European Parliament. The debate was split into five topics – unemployment, austerity, immigration, energy and finance.


First European Presidential Debate

The first ever European Presidential Debate took place in Maastricht on April 28. Green leading candidate Ska Keller went head to head with the other candidates for the presidency of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (European People’s Party), Martin Schulz (Party of European Socialists), Guy Verhofstadt (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party) to explain how Europe can and must do better.


European Greens seek volunteer for video and photo editing


The office of the European Green Party is busy working on our European campaign. Do you want to join and help us out? We're looking for people who can offer a few hours a week to spend on important tasks as we prepare for elections in May.


LMP to be a Green voice in Hungary's parliament

Lehet Más a Politika, the Hungarian Green party, have managed to win five seats in national elections, after surpassing the 5% threshold required to enter parliament. This result allows them to form their own parliamentary faction, and ensures that Hungary will have a Green voice in opposition.


Conservatives, Socialists and Liberals conclude undemocratic deal on election of the EU Commission President

Conservatives, Socialists and Liberals conclude undemocratic deal on election of Election of the EU Commission President

The European Green Party and the Green Group in the European Parliament have released a statement on the announcement by the EPP, S&D and ALDE political groups in the European Parliament that they have concluded an agreement on how to decide on the selection of the president of the next European Commission.


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