European Parliament's presidential election

On Tuesday 17 January, Antonio Tajani was been elected President of the European Parliament. The Green candidate in the race, the English MEP Jean Lambert, managed to get up to 56 votes in the three rounds she took part in.


Juncker must distance himself from Berlusconi's comments on concentration camps

European Greens have reacted with disgust to the comments by Silvio Berlusconi, suggesting that the German people did not acknowledge concentration camps. Green leading candidate José Bové comments: “Mr Juncker must immediately denounce this sort of language, through which Berlusconi has brought shame not only to his own party, but to the whole of the EPP."


Juncker's half-hearted support for democracy

Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday (23 April) that renegotiating the UK’s European Union membership would be one of his priorities if he wins the job of Commission President, EurActiv reports. Green leading candidates Ska Keller and José Bové are not surprised that the conservatives’ candidate seems to lean towards a more disintegrated EU, and sees talking to the Eurosceptic forces in the UK first as a priority.

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