Efficiency directive Green win needs quick implementation


This directive enshrines the EU's 20% energy savings target in a legal framework and sets out binding measures, which will bring the EU closer to realising the target of reducing energy consumption 20% by 2020. However, clearly more needs to be done to fully close the gap and the Commission must now outline further measures to this end. This makes economic sense, as it would stimulate economic activity and create millions of jobs, bring down energy bills for businesses and households, and reduce our dependence on energy imports.


Green response to the State of the Union

This week all eyes were on the European Parliament as President of the Commission, José Manuel Barroso made his annual State of the Union speech to a packed European Parliament. 


Blog: ACTA goes the way of 8-track tapes

<center><img style="vertical-align: top;" src="http://bit.ly/O8rlr5" alt="" height="147"></center>
<!--<p>Once the vote was in, the Greens raised their simple (remember, good) posters, "Hello Democracy, Goodbye ACTA". And you only have to toddle off to Google, search for ACTA and then look at the images return and you can see the poster used all across the media. National newspapers from all over the world have used the images. The Greens celebrating.&nbsp;</p>-->

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