Obama will not save the planet - nor will nuclear energy! Greens and environmentalists to wage worldwide new anti-nuclear campaign

Obama's admission that the US administration has to offer such huge financial guarantees to get the nuclear industry moving is also further evidence that nuclear power is bad economics; and that the government of the UK and Italy are lying to the public when they say that the plan to build new reactors will not cost anything to the tax payers. 

Stop Baltic NPP!

 European Greens insist that the Baltic NPP project implementation stopped until independent international assessment is done, including by experts from neighboring countries (Poland, Lithuania). There must be new public hearings organized, just and international, not only in Kaliningrad region but also in countries which has common border with Russian region.

Resolution Mochovce 3 + 4

The European Greens militate against the expansion of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce and the erection of the reactors 3 and 4. We demand the immediate cessation of any building measures.

European Greens challenge the decision to build a new NPP in Belarus

European Green Party calls upon the Belarusian authorities to immediately stop the development of nuclear programs.

A European community for renewable energy (ERENE)


Renewable sources are the only viable sources of sustainable energy. The economic potential for renewable energy in Europe greatly exceeds the expected use of electricity in 2050 yet only 11% of this potential is being used.

Did you know? Electronic gadgets threaten the climate


Mobile phones, MP3-players, DVD players, modems, games consoles  etc. Who can do without them ?   Who wants to do without?

Green dream of independent energy

Steve Agnew, Green party candidate in Northern Ireland has said up to 50,000 jobs could be created if Europe adopted a 'Green New Deal'.

Car scrapping schemes proliferate

The car scrapping scheme is taking hold in various EU member states but Greens are obviously very critical.  In Germany, the coalition government under Merkel consider it a success because  it has already absorbed  three times the original amount set aside.

In the UK, the idea is just taking off.

We have been clear from the start that such a state subvention to the car industry, and to individual car users, must  be used to promote more environmentally friendly cars and non -climate endangering guzz guzzlers. 

GroenLinks wants European super-grid for green power supply


GroenLinks calls upon the EU to commence construction of an underground and undersea electricity super-grid for green energy supply. Thereby, the foremost supply and demand locations in the Union would be connected. The 'green supergrid' concept was just one of the proposals revealed today in Utrecht at the presentation of the GroenLinks draft election-manifesto for the forthcoming European Parliament elections. The party advocates a 'Green New Deal': a trans-European investment program that would simultaneously tackle both the economic and climate crises.


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