Interview with Annalisa Corrado on the upcoming Italian referendum on offshore drilling

Italy gets to vote in a referendum on April 17 to determine whether or not fossil fuel companies will be allowed to continue drilling for oil and gas near the Italian coast. To get to the bottom of the issue and to see what is at stake here, we interviewed a local engineer, Annalisa Corrado


Divestment Week: We launch a new chapter of the #DivestEurope campaign!

On the occasion of the Divestment Week starting today, we launch a new chapter of its #DivestEurope campaign, focusing every month on one of Europe’s Big Polluters and explaining why it is necessary to withdraw capital, i.e. divest, from these companies.


Divest / Invest Conference: The Transition of the Financial Sector Towards a Low-Carbon Economy

In a low-carbon economy money must be invested in Green assets. How would this transition work? A report from the Divest / Invest Conference held in Frankfurt


“Divesting from coal is only the first step”

An interview with Rasmus Hansson, MP and co-spokesperson for our Norwegian member party, about divestment from fossil fuels and Norway’s role in the movement


Celebrating Earth, celebrating home

On Thursday April 21, The European Green Party celebrated the opening for signatures of the COP21 Paris Agreement which coincides with Earth Day


International Fossil Fuel Divestment Conference - 01/09/2015

On 1 September, the European Green Party, in collaboration with the Green Group in the European Parliament and the NGO 350.org, will host an international conference on fossil fuel divestment.


Paris is heading towards divestment

The City of Paris has committed to distancing itself from investments in sectors that contribute to climate change.


Fossil Fuel Divestment in Norway

"Divestment from fossil fuel companies is one of the best climate policy instruments we can actively use to combat climate change" says Rasmus Hansson, spokesperson of the Norwagian Greens (MDG).


How to be a forerunner in greening financial investments?

An interview with Otto Reiners (Greens Münster): "I am convinced that ethical and ecological criteria play an increasing role in the conscience of urban societies."


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