Green concerns on Turkey

Turkey’s President held talks in Brussels today. We took this opportunity to highlight Green concerns on the country.


European Greens condemn bomb attacks on Turkey's HDP party

Simultaneous bomb blasts rocked the regional headquarters of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) in two Turkish cities on Monday.


Russian authorities threaten academic freedom and the freedom of expression

In the context of mass inspections of Russian NGOs by public prosecutors since the beginning of March on the basis of the so-called “NGO-foreign-agents-law”, now also the non-profit, sociological Levada Center for polling and research has come under attack. In the international scientific community the Levada Center enjoys a high reputation with its independent, empirical sociological research. It significantly contributes to knowledge about society, politics and public opinion in Russia.


Never closer union? The British test

In a context of an economic crisis and with public finances under stress, the on-going round of negotiations over the next EU Budget and the European legislation for the regulation of the financial industry have taken the British debate on…


European Greens call for solidarity with Hungarian people

“Our Green goal in this political controversy is to help Hungarian citizens, and protect their fundamental liberty and freedoms," said  Reinhard Bütikofer European Green Party co-chair . "This is in the very same sense of European solidarity on which the reunification of Europe has been built, when Hungary joined the European Union almost ten years ago after overcoming an authoritarian one-party rule.”


The real will of the people in Catalunya

On November 25, Catalunya went to the polls for a general election and all of Spain and Catalunya watched. This would be the election that would define the future of the Catalan territory and people. Whether the federalists would remain the dominant force in the region or if the independent movement, the nationalists, would show its strength and presence.

Standing up for democracy

We, European Greens, are deeply concerned about the threats to democracy and civil liberties committed by governments in different countries of Europe. Different events happening in Russia and in Greece demand from the European Union and its Member States clear condemnations and call for political sanctions.

Firstly, there are increasing concerns with regards to Russia’s compliance with international and national obligations regarding basic freedom and respect for fundamental rights.


A Green social and democratic Europe - a view from the south


This discussion is a continuation of the debate that took place at the GEF Summer University in Spain last month, where participants from across Europe shared their views on how the EU could return to its progressive roots and become a vehicle for Green change. 


International Day of Peace


We all have a joint responsibility to build a more peaceful world. This needs to be done together in dialogue across nation state borders and cultural differences. Parties should take extreme care when they are intervening in other parts of the world, always having a legal and moral basis to do so and the approval of the UN.


International politics on the EU agenda

Green MEP Werner Schulz was present to put forward the Green approach that emphasised the need for Russia to turn away from its current course and to respect the judicial rights of its citizens. Special attention was paid to the recent case of three members of Pussy Riot who were convicted to three years in prison for supposed public indecency.


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