Joschka Debates Europe

Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany, presented his latest book ''Scheitert Europa?'' ['Will Europe Fail?'] to and audience in Brussels – a perfect event to close the political year!

What's next for Europe? More union for the EU

The current crisis dramatically reveals that the EU has so far failed to make decisive steps towards democratic processes, putting at stake socio-economic cohesion and social justice.


Athens EGP council and the Greek general strike, 6-7 November

The EGP is monitoring calls for a general strike in Greece in opposition to austerity measures and making adjustments to ensure the smooth organisation of the EGP Council, November 9-11 in Athens.

EU Summit must commit to taming money markets

Today’s European Union (EU) Summit would be useless for Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, unless European policy leaders publicly commit to keep onboard all countries and to cover debts – if need be – through the European Central Bank (ECB).

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