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EGP Conciliation panel


The Conciliation Panel is an elected body of the European Green Party and is entitled to settle disputes between members, persons and bodies of the European Green Party arising from any use or interpretation of the EGP Statutes or this Rule Book or other operational matters. 

Jos van Dijk - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Jos van Dijk

Candidate: Jos van Dijk

Nominated by: GroenLinks, Netherlands

Supported by the Green Parties of: Belgium-Groen, Finland, Norway, Sweden



Dear all,

Valdur Lahtvee - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Valdur LahtveeCandidate: Valdur Lahtvee

Nominated by: Eestima Rohelised, Estonia

Supported by the Green Parties of: Georgia, Latvia, Malta






Theodosia Hadjiloe - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Theodosia HadjiloeCandidate: Theodosia Hadjiloe

Nominated by: Cyprus Greens

Supported by the Green Parties of:  Ireland, Luxemboug, Slovenia





Olga Gnezdilova - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Olga GnezdilovaCandidate: Olga Gnezdilova

Nominated by: Groza, Russia

Supported by the Green Parties of: Albania, Finland, Norway, Sweden



Dear green friends,

Brigitte Brozio - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Brigitte BrozioCandidate: Brigitte Brozio

Nominated by: Europe  Écologie  Les  Verts (France)

Supported by: Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK



Dear friends,

Uroš Brežan - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Uroš Brežan

Candidate: Uroš Brežan

Nominated by: SMS-Zeleni, Slovenia

Supported by the Green Parties of:  Albania, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia*





Agneta Börjesson - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Agneta BörjessonCandidate: Agneta Börjesson

Nominated by: Miljöpartiet de gröna, Sweden

Supported by the Green Parties of: Finland, Norway





Jan Philipp Albrecht - 2012 Conciliation Panel candidate

Jan Philipp Albrecht Candidate: Jan Philipp Albrecht

Nominating party: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany

Supported by the Green parties of: Finland, Spain-ICV

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