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Malmö - Green city

With more than 600 000 inhabitants in the greater metropolitan area, Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city. The city is undergoing a major transformation – it was once a declining industrial centre with numerous brownfield sites, but now it's turning into a dynamic, Green and industrially efficient city.


Ghent - Green city

In January 2015, Ghent will launch a new Climate Plan 2014–2019, which will guide the city towards climate neutrality by 2050. To reach this target, the city will work with its citizens, companies and organisations through innovative approaches.


Grenoble - Green city

Grenoble is a very dynamic city, where its inhabitants are full of initiatives and willing to come join forces to turn their city into a pleasant place to live in, this in every neighbourhood.


Freiburg - Green city

Freiburg, in the south west of Germany, is one of the birthplaces of the German environmental movement. In Freiburg, the movement began back in the 1970s with the successful action against the Wyhl nuclear power plant: one of the foundations of the alternative-Green movement.


El Prat de Llobregat - Green city

El PratEde Llobregat is situated in the North East of Spain, in Catalonia. The city administration has developed many initatives under the 'Climate Change Local Plan' in order to provide a better environment and quality of living for its citizens.

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