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EU leaders must set ambitious climate and energy targets

This week, European heads of state have an opportunity to make a huge step forward when they meet to discuss a package of new climate related measures and targets for 2030, based on the proposals of the European Commission. What happens in Brussels could have life-or-death repercussions for millions of people right now, and billions more in the future.


European Parliament backs binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030

The European Parliament has voted to adopt a report that calls for binding targets on renewable energy for 2030. The vote comes just weeks after the European Commission made a proposal on 2030 targets that lacked any ambition.


COP Warsaw – A long way to go for Europe

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, the COP 19 Warsaw climate summit came to an end on Saturday. While an agreement on the three main agenda points - the roadmap to Paris for a new binding climate agreement, financing, and a decision to create a mechanism for 'loss and damage' - have been reached, the negotiations have shown a clear rift between countries of the developing world and the so called industrialised states. The results are certainly below the expectations.

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