Youth in the European Elections 2009


Resolution adopted at the EGP Council, Ljubljana, 11-13 April 2008.

-given that the participation of youth is an essential part of the democratic process

-bearing in mind that youth participation is an essential part of the Green political agenda

-taking into account that the Green movement and European Green Party have been of great support to young people

-knowing that the current average age of European leaders is 55

-recognising that young people are in need of European political debate and are willing to continue building its foundations

-acknowledging that European political movements have to invest more in fresh and more creative political strategies for the future, and that youth is one of the most important parts of this.

-acknowledging that to perform its duties in more effective way, the European Parliament needs young people as elected Members.

-believing that the Green Parties can play a leading role in the inclusion of youth in political life of Europe

European Green Party calls on its Member Parties to:

-take up effective measures to ensure a large participation of youth in the Green European Elections campaign 2009

-address youth related issues such as education, sexual and reproductive health rights in the Green European Elections campaign 2009

-promote the provision of special training to young candidates, in order to enable them to participate successfully in the election campaign 

-ensure large participation of youth as Green candidates to the European Parliament

-strive to place at least 30% of candidates under the age of 28 on those places of the lists or in these constituencies that that will provide a fair chance of being elected

- to commit to the goal of having together at least 10% MEPs of the future Green Group in the European Parliament below 28 years old

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