For support against implementation of Transfer rules towards the new members in European Union

Resolution adopted at the EGP Council, Rome, 20-22 February 2004. (.pdf)

In May ten new countries including eight Central European countries will achieve membership in European Union. Greens fully welcome this process. We are convinced that this step will bring important and needed experiences of cultural, historical and human practice into the construction of the European Union. Unfortunately, most of the present member states in various ways are hesitating to accept the same criteria for membership in the European Union for all its members. Transition rules of different degrees are be implemented on the national level in the member states. The transition rules are possible to implement and prolong in the terms of 2+3+2 years. In practice, new members might be full members on equal terms year 2011.

The exception of the rules from the basic principles for membership, the Four Freedoms of Movements, conflicts with the vision of an open, transparent and solidary European Union. In stead of  implementing negative exceptions and discriminating transition rules, we Greens welcome the enlargement process and the new member countries into the European Union.

This days, the Swedish Government changed their earlier position 180 degrees in the way that they now are in favour of  implementation of  transition rules. Today on the February 18th the Swedish Government made public in a debate in Parliament that they are about to prepare a written communication presenting the proposals on transition rules from Sweden towards the new members. No date for presenting this written communication is yet known to us as it is still under preparation. This written communication will be a matter for discussion in the Parliament. 

We Greens will be able to submit a private members motion in favour of our own
position against implementation of transition rules.

Swedish Greens, Miljöpartiet de Gröna, call for support for our policy to welcome the new members on equal rights into the European Union. We do not accept to implement discriminating transitions rules for the citizens of the new members in the Union.

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