Protection of the LGBT citizens of Bosnia

Resolution adopted at the Paris Council meeting, 9-12 October 2008.

"Given the recent attacks on one of the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender festivals in Bosnia by homophobic thugs encouraged by extremist politicians, which resulted in the cancellation of the festival in Sarajevo, the European Green Party supports the following resolution.

We call upon the Bosnian authorities to protect the LGBT citizens of Bosnia from homophobic violence and intolerance and to ensure that LGBT events do not again become the focus of such violent attacks leading to their cancellation. We appreciate that the EU-representatives in Sarajevo have already published a statement which laments the acts of violence and demands tolerance. We will also ask our respective embassies in Sarajevo to support LGBT rights and events when communicating with the Bosnian authorities.

We fully uphold the rights of all LGBT people in Europe and insist that all applicant countries for membership of the European Union, protect the rights of all vulnerable minorities in their states, and that such membership cannot be considered until it is clearly demonstrated that such minorities, such as the LGBT community, are fully protected and that European human rights legislation and protection is fully adhered to by such applicant states."

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