The personalisation of the campaign

Resolution adopted at the Paris Council meeting, 9-12 October 2008.

The EGP/The Greens defend an electoral European campaign that focuses on European issues.  Furthermore, we decided at our Rome 2003 Congress to "Europeanise" some of our campaign tools: a European manifesto, joint events and common communications e.g. posters and logos etc   The EGP wants to have a similar campaign for the 2009 elections. The Greens/EFA Group also supports this approach but wants to increase the scope of and complete it by proposing to personalise the European dimension of the June 2009 electoral campaign.

We also know that the other European political parties will present their 'European leaders", most notably for the Presidency of the European Commission, while their internal politics is much more allied to national interests as shown by their voting preferences in the European Parliament. We believe that the Greens could profit from presenting Spokesperson(s) who will champion our actions at the European Parliament, increase our visibility and confront other political parties.

This opinion has already been supported at the 2008 Ljubljana EGP council.  We would now like to ask that the EGP Council delegates confirm their support for, in principle, a personalised transnational electoral campaign and give the Executive Committee and Steering Committee the mandate to draft a list of potential Spokespeople which can be voted on at the March 2009 EGP Congress in Brussels.



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