Budapest Council Meeting


Budapest Council Meeting

Adopted Resolutions

Be prepared for the Council! Find all the public documents, background information documents, and agendas of the fringe meetings here. 

The European Greens are very pleased to announce the next European Green Party Council meeting will take place in Budapest from 31 st  March until 3 rd April 2011.

Hungary was chosen to host the Council Meeting in the context of the European Presidency and we hope that with our Council will support the work of our Observer Party LMP. The main topic of the EGP Council will be social policy, in the framework of the Green New Deal.

The Budapest Council will unite many Green active party representatives, MEPs, MPs, Local Councillors, party delegates and party professionals and many more Greens who will join to discuss, exchange best practices and make decisions. You are welcome too!

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Broad cooperation



Participation fee

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Organisational support

Broad cooperation

The Green Group in the European Parliament will organise a so called 'external' meeting ahead of the EGP Council meeting in Budapest. There will be a public debate with Dany Cohn-Bendit on democracy (in a very special location) on Thursday, late afternoon/evening 31 st  March. On Friday morning April 1 st,  they will organise a Green Group debate at the Council Venue.

The European Green Party will organise its Council meeting on Friday, April 1 st  in the afternoon, Saturday April 2 nd , and Sunday morning April 3 rd  2011.

Our Hungarian Observer Party  LMP, Lehet Más a Politika (Politics Can Be Different) , is happy to welcome us to Budapest, and besides active participation of LMP politicians in the debates at the Council, LMP will organise the party and programme for Friday and Saturday evening, as well as the excursion on Sunday afternoon.

LMP, in cooperation with the  Green Group in the European Parliament , have prepared a brochure, ‘ A different vision for Europe ’, on the main challenges for the Hungarian Presidency. 

The Green European Foundation , GEF, will organise a parallel session.  The Heinrich Boll Foundation  will also assist in the organisation of a part of the programme.

The European Greens will organise:

  • Network session, Greens in government, meeting of greens who carry government responsibility on local, regional and national level

  • Welcome to the Council session, meeting for greens who are new at Council, differentiation between delegates and non delegates

Furthermore, we expect to organize some board meetings/ annual meetings and other meetings as well as accommodate other meeting requests. 


The Green Group will focus on the debate on Democracy, and on Friday morning on Climate Change, in view of COP 17 in Durban, as well as Industrial Polution in view of  the recent red sludge disaster in Hungary

During the EGP Council we will discuss on many subjects and topics as you can see in  the  programme , however the main focus of the EGP Council will lie in the discussion on Social Policy. In the draft paper, issues such as a decent minimum wage, working time, equality and social inclus ion are discussed. Currently the working group on the Green New Deal is preparing a draft paper that we hope to send out by the 1 st  of March.

Secondly, we will finalise the discussion on our own new Future with a discussion and decision on how we want to organise ourselves as European Green Party and how we see our own development as a political party. We hope to finalise this transformation process by the adoption of new Statutes and a Rule Book at the Autumn Congress on 11 – 13 November 2011.

Besides the ‘normal’ parallel sessions of the working groups and networks, we organise four topical sessions with the following subjects.

  • The Green answer to how to deal with populism on local and national level, workshop on best practices and practical suggestions.

  • Roma strategy: not only an important subject within Hungary, but also currently under discussion in the European Parliament; the European Commission is preparing a report, due in April.

  • Commemoration of Chernobyl disaster.

  • Common Agricultural Policy reform (as a first discussion, to be discussed and voted at Autumn Congress).


The venue for Council and accommodation is at the  Hotel Marriott , which is located in the centre of Budapest and has a spectacular view of the Danube. We chose the location because it was the only one that could meet the demands of the ever growing participation to EGP councils, has daylight in the meeting rooms, is centrally located, and could accommodate us both with hotel rooms and the meeting place in one location.

Participation fee

The regular participation fee is 100 Euro. However, we offer you the alternative of registering with a solidarity fee of 120 Euro. We've introduced this, partly because the Hungarian Presidency of the EU, which has caused prices in Budapest to sky-rocket. In this way we hope we can cover the rising costs of running the Council and ensuring a wide spread of participants are able to attend.

Registration - Accommodation

Hotel Marriott , the council venue, offered a reasonable price on condition of taking a certain number of rooms. Therefore it is better to book your accommodation through us.

Another option for accommodation is offered in Hotel Mercure at 15 minutes walking distance. All details can be found in  the online registration form .

You have the possibility to book your accommodation via the EGP office until the  deadline of  14 th  March 2011.  After that date we can no longer guarantee the offered prices.

We strongly recommend to first make your travel arrangements before registering. We need the travel information because it will give us the required information for our hotel bookings. We have to pay a month ahead because of the advantageous prices and we would like to avoid time and cost consuming corrections of hotel bookings in the week(s) before the Council. We will be most grateful for your cooperation in this regard.

If you don't need hotel or will take care yourself to find other accommodation you are free to register until  25th March .

After registering online you will receive a confirmation email listing your registration details for your convenience.

If you need an invitation letter for a VISA   application please use the link in the online registration and send us your passport details as soon as possible; latest before 18 February 2011.

Organisational support

If you have suggestions or want to make use of the opportunity the European Green Council offers to organise a specific network meeting, please do not hesitate to ask for our support and service and contact

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