Common Manifesto 2014

Change Europe, Vote Green

Voting Electoral Convention: Change Europe, Vote Green

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    • Dear European Citizen
    • Europe is Now at the Crossroads
    • Crisis Creates Anxiety and Anger - We Want to Build Hope and Security
    • Your Vote Matters - Let Us Fight For a European Alternative 
    • It is Your Choice

Europe needs a Green New Deal

    • Solidarity, Solidity and Sustainability
    • Laying Foundation of a Social Europe
    • Bringing Financial Industry under Control
    • Public Finances: Fair and Effective Taxation
    • Rise: Renaissance of Industry for a Sustainable Europe

One Planet, Our Home!

    • Getting serious about Climate Change and the Ecological Crisis
    • European Climate Law
    • Sustainability is the key
    • Priority for Green Transport
    • Protect Health and Safety
    • Food not Fuel
    • Better Food, Better Lives
    • Greening Agriculture
    • No to GMOs
    • More Fish in the Seas
    • Animal protection

Europe in the World

    • Upholding Human Rights
    • Working for Peace
    • Fighting for Fair Asylum and Migration Policies
    • Taking the Lead on Climate Change
    • Pursuing a Coherent Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
    • For a Fair Trade Policy

For a More Vigorous Democracy

    • Without Gender Equality there is no Democracy
    • Citizens as European Decision Makers
    • Strengthen the role of Parliaments
    • Fight Corruption and Fraud
    • More Own Resources for the EU Budget
    • A Digital Bill of Rights
    • Uphold the Rule of Law
    • A Green Democratic Reform of the EU
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