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European Ideas Lab – Greens meet Changemakers

What’s a European Ideas Lab? 

The European Ideas Lab is a unique space that brings together changemakers, Green decision-makers and activists to discuss the most pressing issues in Europe for 3 days.  

Activists, civil society organisations, citizen movements, artists, ecopreneurs and Green innovators – we come from different backgrounds but we all share the same objective: creating positive change in our societies. 

The next edition of this event will take place in Milan and online on 30 September – 2 October 2021.  

During the event, changemakers will discuss their grassroots ideas and solutions with Green leaders and decision-makers. Through this project, political decision-makers will be able to take action on political solutions that make a difference at the local level.

European Ideas Lab is organised by European Greens and Greens/EFA.

Discover the programme

This edition of the European Ideas Lab will include, among others:

  • Key notes by Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan and Carola Rackete, Sea-Watch activist
  • Workshops by climate activists, NGOs, refugees, people most affected by climate change and green MEPs
  • A Plenary Session – an informal conversation titled ‘The vital role of activists and politicians: How to foster synergies’
  • COP workshops in order to strategise for the upcoming COP26
  • A workshop on sustainable fashion
  • An informal brunch with activists and journalists
  • Performances by local musicians musicians, and art by street artists who will be painting images about climate change
  • A creative corner where people can make their own banners for the climate strike
  • Picture booths
  • A repair stand where people can have their tech repaired whilst learning about the circular economy

Why a European Ideas Lab on Climate and Biodiversity? 

Unprecedented European Union funding will finance the recovery and the resilience of our societies. This is a unique moment to ensure that we achieve a just and sustainable transition for all: funded projects must be in line with sustainability, climate targets, and protection of natural resources and biodiversity.  

We must also look beyond just Europe, and do so in solidarity with the Global South and all communities at the frontlines of the health, economic and climate crises. The world is watching: the postponed and now long-awaited international climate conference, COP26 is scheduled to take place in November 2021, and the UN Biodiversity conference, COP15, has been rescheduled for October 2021.

On the road to COP26, the European Ideas Lab is a key milestone, where the voices of civil society can be listened to and brought to the negotiation table.

Though international negotiations have been delayed; the stakes have never been higher. The climate and biodiversity crises have continued to grow, but so too have the expectations of citizens, civil society and governments around the world. There is growing recognition and growing demand for real change.  

We are at the beginning of the last decade in which we can still save the climate. To make the EU fit for the climate, we need ambitious and binding targets, as well as measures and incentives for the decarbonisation of industry, and a socially just transition.

As Greens, we want to make sure the opportunity for change is seized and that we do it together with all actors in society. We need you!

To fight for a fully renewables-based economy by 2040, we need you.  

To keep fossil fuels in the ground, we need you.  

For the complete transformation of our industrial, transport, and agricultural systems, we need you.  

For social justice, for a green economy to provide quality jobs for workers and for a just transition that leaves no-one behind, we need you! 

In the European Ideas Lab, we want to debate and design solutions for a greener and fairer future, together.