Now is the time to rebuild our society towards a more just, sustainable and resilient future. While we face the health emergency, we can’t forget the climate emergency. Through the Climate Emergency Resolution and Climate Neutrality Resolution, the EGP has prioritized driving climate action towards climate neutrality by 2040 — sooner than the EU target of 2050, but in line with ambitious climate action. As Greens, we believe that climate action should support Europe’s recovery and help reset us on a path towards a resilient future, while keeping global temperature rise to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels — the level of global heating that is still considered manageable for people and ecosystems. Greens are already leading this fight all over Europe and we intend to keep it up.


Our greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for the increasing global average temperatures and the climate impacts we are already experiencing. We need to reduce our emissions as much and as quickly as possible to decrease the rate of global temperature rise and the associated impacts — like our oceans warming and sea level rise, more frequent droughts and wildfires, biodiversity loss and extinctions, displacement of millions of people, and more. These impacts and the speed with which we are changing our planet is the Climate Emergency. And a key part to addressing the climate emergency will be reaching Climate Neutrality, or net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.


Working with our member parties, civil society and the climate movement to put Europe on a path towards achieving climate neutrality as soon as possible

Pushing for a Green agenda and European climate leadership in international climate negotiations

Driving awareness and response to the climate emergency at all levels of government

Fighting for a Green Recovery and a more sustainable, resilient and just Europe through the European Green Deal