Electoral Convention Brussels 2014

Dear friends,

On Saturday the 22 February we will meet in the EGG in Brussels for the European Greens Electoral Convention. At the Convention we officially start the third common Green pan-European election campaign in which the European Green Party wishes to support its member parties. We have defined our ambitious goals for the upcoming European election last November: more seats in the European Parliament, MEP’s from more countries, more votes; and stronger Green parties across the EU. All relevant political families propose candidates for the President of the European Commission. The outcome of the European elections will for the first time ever have a direct influence on who is going to lead the European Union. This extra dimension to the campaign will offer us the opportunity to europeanise the campaign more than ever. Even if we Europeans live in 28 member states and have 28 different nationalities, together we are all Europe. It´s the one with the other that makes us strong, creative and our double identity is the fundament to develop transnational solutions for transnational problems and change Europe for the better.

On Saturday morning we start with the discussion on the draft position paper on the Trade agreement between the EU and the US (TTIP). Under the leadership of Reinhard Bütikofer a text has been drafted in which we share a large common ground. We want this trade agreement, but only if it is on our terms and if it acknowledges the values that are important for us: the TTIP shouldn’t follow a corporate agenda, but protect people, and Europe's labour, health and environmental standards.

The Working Group on the Common Manifesto, chaired by Reinhard Bütikofer, together with representatives of the member parties, has prepared a draft of which we can be proud. A common ground, a common vision, a common green political agenda that highlights what changes are necessary to improve Europe. As a pro-European family we are not satisfied with the ways the crisis is tackled, we are not satisfied with the state of European democracy, we are not satisfied with the mantra ‘austerity’ only. We  stand for a transition from an oil and nuclear power based  economy towards a sustainable and fair economy that will bring us more chances and opportunities to create a decent life for Europe’s citizens.  We oppose conservative politics and populist voices that claim that renationalisation is the way forward.  

In the afternoon we offer you a programme that we hope will inspire you. Green representatives from all over Europe will contribute with their speeches. We are honored to have Janne Teller contributing to our Convention.

In December 2013, Janne Teller co-organized A Stand for Democracy in the Digital Age, a petition signed by 562 world renowned contemporary authors, protesting against mass surveillance in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. Five Nobel laureates were signatories to the open appeal to governments, corporations and the United Nations. We are honored that she will reflect on the need for fundamental digital rights for the digital age we live in.

We will also present our common campaign to you that is developed by Joschka Fischer & Company and by KKLD. We will reveal the posters and the slogan that we Greens are going to use in the campaign.

Finally, we will present our national heads of list (at least those already known to us) to you. But the main part of the afternoon programme is dedicated to our leading candidates. We have asked Ska Keller and José Bové to present to us their vision of Europe.

We’ll take good care of you and have ordered lunch and dinner and a great band to entertain us. Besides that many other side events will take place. More information via this LINK.

We are working hard to finalise the last preparations for you and are looking very much forward to welcome you to the Convention that will kick off the third common pan-European campaign of the European Greens!


Jacqueline Cremers

Secretary General

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