EGP Autumn Council in Brussels

The European Greens invite you to Brussels, to participate in the Autumn Council meeting, November 8 - 10. Brussels, at the heart of the EU, is a perfect city to discuss our vision for the future of Europe, and look towards the European Parliament elections in 2014.

On Saturday we will discuss the first draft of the common manifesto with our Member Parties, civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, and our Green politicians from the local, national and European level. The work on the manifesto will continue after the Council meeting. The manifesto will be voted for at the electoral Convention in February next year.

The Green Primary, our innovative and groundbreaking e-democracy project, will kick off at the Council. Together with all EU citizens over 16 we will choose our two Green leading candidates for the EU Campaign until January 28, 2014. The contenders will present themselves to you on Friday. On Sunday November 10, we will officially open the Green Primary online voting platform.

We are working hard to develop our third common campaign for the Greens across Europe. The meeting in Brussels will be an opportunity to get to know and engage with it.

You are very welcome to register and join us in Brussels.

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