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Numbers hide the real face of unemployment in Spain

Blog: Two of my close friends have recently lost their jobs. They are only two examples of what is happening, not just in Catalonia, but across Spain - and most certainly in Portugal and Greece.  People are being kicked out of their jobs, deprived of a dignified way of earning their living, and in the end, of freely living their lives. Spain is in the middle of a crisis because the current government has failed to act on three key issues


The real will of the people in Catalunya

On November 25, Catalunya went to the polls for a general election and all of Spain and Catalunya watched. This would be the election that would define the future of the Catalan territory and people. Whether the federalists would remain the dominant force in the region or if the independent movement, the nationalists, would show its strength and presence.


And so begins my life as a blogger


I started to really enjoy the impact of politics when I began working for the then-Deputy Mayor for Environment in the city of Barcelona, Mrs. Imma Mayol. With her, the experience of a variety of different functions, let me see and enjoy how much influence can local politics have in people's daily lives - and how important it is as a tool for providing real autonomy, bonds and connections so we can live side by side.

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