Groenlinks election: An update every hour

I haven't been as faithful as the people here in the campaign HQ.

Jolande Sap in the updateI wanted to write a blog every day, to let you know what is going on here in our campaign bubble. However, it has been a very busy and tiring experience until now, without much time to write these updates.

But the staff and volunteers of GroenLinks, now that's a whole other story. Initially they came up with the idea to make a four day radio show, with different hosts and topics. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible, so the next idea was to make use of the live stream equipment and use it for an hourly update. And that's what they have been doing since the opening on Saturday.

Every hour, there is an appointed host who interviews members of parliament, volunteers, local councillors, more volunteers, passing members of the European parliament, even more volunteers, and other people who have an interesting story to tell. Local GroenLinks councillorEven during the nights, we have found people  every hour to interview or tell their story.

Volunteers tell us their stories they hear on the phone. Someone told us about an 80-year old lady who had convinced her friends in the retirement home to vote GroenLinks. And by the way, she was going to the train station tomorrow morning to hand out flyers.

Last night a tweet came in commenting that there wasn't enough content in the updates. This was around five in the morning. So, instead of an interview, the volunteers gathered around one person – like they do in Sesame Street when they read a bedtime story – and he read the first pages of the GroenLinks program. As if that isn't enough content!

The band Rose Hip performingThese updates are, of cours,e the perfect time for fun stuff. We had a band both nights we were here, and for tonight, we even have two scheduled. You can see what happened the first day and night in our overview, and I'm sure more of those short videos will follow. But in the meantime, follow the live stream, and see those updates every hour at a quarter to the hour.

Tomorrow, I promise (!), I'll have an overview of the number of people we have called, and the amount  of e-mails answered. As far as I know now, we have been doing so well, that we're exceeding everybody's expectations!

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