GroenLinks election: A house overflowing with volunteers

I promised you some numbers today, but I don't have a recent update. However, untill yesterday evening, we answered about 4,000 tweets and Facebook messages. Up to this evening, we made 3,000 phone calls to members, and answered about 800 mails. And all this in just three and a half days. And nights. We constantly have between 100 and 150 views of the live stream, and we reached the 10,000 unique viewers this afternoon.

All these numbers amaze me.

These wonderful volunteers who are here day and night, work very hard to reply to all the mails and call the members. These volunteers want to come again because they like it so much here. They like it so much, that tonight we didn't have enough phones, nor enough computers to let them work. So they started calling with their own phones, and people shared laptops and ipads. And now, there are about 50 people here, watching the last debate before election day tomorrow. And tweeting away, in support of GroenLinks, to make sure we are the trending topic.

The last evening, still calling and mailing

We have less than 24 hours to go. And all these wonderful volunteers are here, using these last hours to campaign for GroenLinks. Without these volunteers and their hard work, we would never be able to reach this. Unfortunately, we won't be able to tell them exactly how their efforts paid off, because we cannot tell how many people we have convinced to vote for GroenLinks. But they go home, and tell everybody that this was a unique experience, and that it was a fun experience for them. I think that this is something so extraordinary, and it is something that I didn't expect when I started here last Thursday.

So what I found the most amazing here were the people who came in, day and night (I really can't stress it enough), and are still coming in. They have been amazing, they have been awesome, they have been wonderful, cheerful and happy. They have made this experience something to always remember.

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