Dutch Election Campaign 2012


We will follow the last week of the Dutch parliamentary election campaign from inside out. Check this blogs for stories, photos and videos.


GroenLinks election: A house overflowing with volunteers

Full house, Utrecht: These wonderful volunteers are so many that tonight we did not have enough phones, nor computers for them. So they started calling with their own phones - people shared laptops and ipads.


Groenlinks election: An update every hour

Blog: Volunteers at the GroenLinks campaign HQ give an update every hour! Someone told us about an 80-year old lady who had convinced her friends in the retirement home to vote GroenLinks. And by the way, she was going to the train station tomorrow morning to hand out flyers.


Groenlinks election: The storm that has followed the calm

Blog entry: "Four Days To the Elections" has started; volunteers will be calling, e-mailing, and replying to tweets and Facebook messages all day and all night before the elections on Wednesday.


GroenLinks elections: Office transformations through organized chaos

Blog entry: The Dutch Green party GroenLinks is gearing up for the elections on September 12. They have been campaigning the whole summer long, but the last four days are going to be the grand finale of the campaign.

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