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(Blog) What next for the European Union and United Kingdom?

I'm old enough to have voted in the first ever UK-wide referendum in 1975. I was one of the 67% who responded positively to the question “Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?” Times have changed and that very healthy 2/3 majority is unlikely to be repeated!


Human genes are declared open source material!

In a previous existence, I was a campaigner against GMOs and was heavily involved in the No Patents on Life movement, which was, and still is, opposed to the patenting of lifeforms. So the decision last week of the US Supreme Court, that a firm called Myriad Genetics could not claim the patent ownership of two genes coding for breast cancer, called BRAC 1 and 2, was welcome news to me.  


The multiple landscapes of Madrid, Spain and Cyprus

©European Greens - Council members visiting Madrid before the Council

We are a long way from recovery and not far from the European elections. Will the voters want to demand a different set of solutions? A Green and sustainable economic model? 


Celebrating 40 years of Greens in England and Wales - and a constant voice

BLOG: In 1989, the party scored just short of 15%. Under any intelligent electoral system, that would have given us at least 12 seats in the European Parliament (EP). What a difference 12 or more British Green MEPs would have made in Brussels and Strasbourg. They would have been the largest faction in the Green Group and would have certainly given the group a different political flavour. That would probably have influenced the future direction of the EGP, too.


Food for thought or food for nought

In real terms, we pay less for food now than we've ever done, relative to income/GDP. The food industry has pushed the price of food down to breaking point by externalising costs all the way, reducing quality and nearly bankrupting suppliers. We have to ask ourselves whether we have got our food production and consumption patterns right.


Radical thinking is not always digital


The introductory blog entry by Steve Emmott, entertains the idea that radical thinking does not demand that all digital technologies be embraced.

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