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Candidate interview: Reinhard Bütikofer

Candidate for EGP male Co-Spokesperson Reinhard Bütikofer answers your questions in advance of the Athens Council

1. What would be your top three priorities as EGP committee member if you get elected?

I have explained my priorities in my application. The overriding priority for the new committee will be a successful Green electoral campaign for the European Parliament in 2014.

2. Will you work so that the EGP will run for next European elections instead of the various national green parties ?

I do not see the role of the EGP in the 2014 campaign as an alternative to that of individual national green parties. We need both, strong ownership of a our campaign by the member parties involved AND the cohesion that a common strategy, a common message, a common manifesto, common campaign activities and common campaign leaders can provide.

3. How do you view gender equality? If elected what would you do for it?

Gender equality will have to be implemented in every aspect of what the EGP does. It will not be a side topic, but a pervasive concern.

4. How do you see the role of the EGP in helping to build stronger links between EGP member parties and Green parties beyond Europe?

As partner of the Global Greens Coordination the EGP should strive to seat the secretariat in Brussels, to encourage bilateral contacts of member parties, to initiate activities together with non-European Green parties on issues of common concern and to organize the next Global Greens Conference in Europe.

5. What key assets from your experience and professional history would you bring to the Committee that will lead the Greens into the 2014 European elections?

Leadership. Let the delegates decide. :-)

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