EGP Autumn council in Athens, Nov 9-11

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Seven Greenies travelled to Athens by train. See the images here or read their blogs here...
At the Athens Council, we were updating our photo gallery with photos from every day, and most of the events. Enjoy them here. 

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Other Athens blogs
THE ATHENS EXPRESS: There were seven Greens who travelled from Belgium to Greece via train, visiting Green parties along the way. Everybody was blogging about the trip and you can read more about their impressions here.
There is also a photo gallery decidcated to the trip on our Facebook page. See the gallery here... 

Athens videos collage


The European Green Party is going to Greece. This autumn, November 9-11, 2012, the EGP Council will be in Athens, hosted by the Greek Green party, Ecologoi Prasinoi and we, the EGP, the committee members, the  member parties, the delegates, our guests, all have the opportunity to stand alongside Greece, demonstrate our continued solidarity with the country and its people and the shared current crisis. 

Welcome to Athens 

Green Party of GreeceAs we advance our political discussion, we will also have the opportunity to embrace the Greek culture, explore their country, as well as meet with our Greek party members and guests so we can see, first-hand, how people are coping with the economic crisis. Whatever solutions are needed for Greece and its place in Europe, they must remember the impact on people, their lives, their families, their hopes, their futures. The human consequences of our decisions cannot be forgotten.

Above all, going to Greece is a clear statement of our commitment to bring about both a workable solution for the economic crisis as well as reinforce our vision for a Europe that includes Greece as a wanted, equal partner. A vision that looks beyond crisis points of the Euro and the Euromarket and looks towards sustainable prosperity and solidarity.

More information from the Green party about the European Crisis is here...
Key information for review include:
Twelve Green proposals for a socially just and environmentally sustainable solution to the crisis read more...
Eurocrisis: 12 points to escape the Euro financial,  social and economic crisis  read more ...
Mapping the future of Europe
Towards a Green democratic reform of the EU
The EGP is an expanding circle of Green parties, a growth that represents the success and appeal of the Green community. In Athens, we shall place a focus on the Mediterranean and Balkan regions and the strategy to strengthen these networks, embrace their parties and organisations and engage them in the European Green community as valued and contributing partners.
Discussions will be diverse and exciting. It will come as no surprise that the Eurocrisis will be a key discussion point. Greece, their economy, our shared economy, their place in Europe as seen by the European Green parties, their place in Europe as seen by them, will be a cornerstone of the Council.
Digital rights, so important to individual rights and privacy in the 21st century, have surged to the forefront with the defeat of ACTA - a defeat that was fundamentally coordinated and then celebrated by the Greens in the European Parliament. In Athens, the ongoing structure of individual rights that reflect an understanding of the scope of digital information and the potential offered, will be debated with representatives of civil society - and done so in a manner that will be both comprehensive and understandable to all. Digital rights, often considered too complex and intricate and so are overlooked by so many, are fundamental to the future individual rights of all Europeans. The European Greens will continue its detailed attention to an issue that has a daily impact on all our lives.

Learn more about digitial rights and the Green position by with a digital rights search.
In Athens, the Council participants, the delegates from all the European Green member parties, will elect its new Committee, a Committee that will continue the daily management of the European Green Party and will execute the main task ahead, the coordination of the European election campaign of 2014. For more information see the committee election page.
The European Green Party Council in Athens will, once again, demonstrate why the Green party movement, its insistence on openness and transparency across the parties, the depth of the collective voice and commitment to shared issues and actions, is able to bring viable, sustainable solutions to Europe that is based on respect for all and safeguards the democratic rights of its people. 
You are all invited to Athens, to Greece, to a Council that will be challenging and exciting.
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