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European Greens statement on the Scottish Independence Referendum

“This morning’s result is a clear win for the campaign to keep the United Kingdom together, and we respect this decision by the Scottish people.


"Ours was a campaign of hope and aspiration."

This has been a unique time in Scotland’s history. Over the last two years we have had an opportunity which billions of people across the world can only dream of – an opportunity to imagine a better country.


Finnish Greens to leave government

Vihreät - De Gröna, the Finnish Green party, today announced their intention to leave government. They have released a statement explaining their decision.


European Greens join the People’s Climate March

The European Green Party supports the People’s Climate March, which will take place in New York and around the world ahead of the UN Climate Summit. This mass movement underscores the need for global action to fight climate change. Simultaneous events are taking place between 19th and 21st September in cities around the world, including most European countries. The European Greens march for the climate, and are joining together with the wider Green family in a common effort to change climate policies.


Letter to President Schulz on the situation in Hungary


On Monday, 8 September 2014, the Hungarian state launched a full frontal attack against two of the four NGOs responsible for the distribution of Norway's NGO Grants in Hungary. The National Investigation Bureau (NBI), accompanied by special police forces, raided the offices of the Ökotárs Foundation and the Demnet Foundationand, confiscating laptops and computers. The Green Group urges the European Parliament President Schulz to investigate the facts as briefly described in the full letter below.


Scottish self-government, the Loch Ness monster?

If a majority of the Scots decide on 18th September that they can shape their society better (read ‘more progressively’) than the British government in London has done so far, then they have the right to do so within a European context. Instead of warning the Scots about hell and damnation, we should actually support them. The Scottish Greens are pro, as is of course the progressive nationalist party SNP, which is a member of the European regionalist fraction EVA, which forms the “the Green EVA” political fraction in the European Parliament along with the European Greens.


Swedish Greens set to enter into government

Sweden is coming to terms with a new political landscape today, after the ruling centre-right coalition were ushered out of government in elections last weekend. The most likely next government will be a minority coalition between the Social Democrats and the Greens, who have said they are ready to begin negotiations.


Scottish Greens push for a radical new future in Scotland

The world’s eyes are firmly fixed on Scotland, with less than a week to go until the country votes in a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom. The referendum asks, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Voters aged 16 upwards will answer the question next Thursday, 18 September. The Scottish Greens have called for a Yes.


EQUO heavily criticizes the appointment of Arias Cañete as European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action

EQUO have criticised the appointment of Ceñete as Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, calling it "an insult to intellegence."


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