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From 2030 to TwentyDirty

"This is much more a TwentyDirty deal than a 2030 deal" says Claude Turmes, Green MEP, in his background paper on th European Council deal on Climate and Energy.


Press Release: EU Council abdicates Climate Leadership


European Union leaders have adopted a package of energy and climate policy targets for 2030 that are a far cry from what we need to combat climate change and build a sustainable basis for Europe’s economic future.


Jan Philipp Abrecht talks about populism


Is populism always negative?

Press Release

On the Commission

Co-Chairs of the European Green Party, Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer, comment on the new Commission.


Marie Utter

Dear Green friends,

My name is Marie Utter and I have been nominated by the Swedish Green Party for one of the positions as EGP delegate to the GEF General Assembly.


Marie Toussaint

Dear friends, 


Green success in Germany and the Czech Republic

Congratulations to both Boris Palmer, who was re-elected mayor in Tübingen, Germany, and to Strana zelených, the Czech Green party, for their success in the second round of Senate elections.


Operation Mos Maiorum

25 member states countries have launched a massive police operation aiming to detect, detain and possibly deport thousands of so-called 'irregular' migrants. Monica Frassoni, Co-Chair of the European Green Party, comments, “this is a joint operation by member states, and not supported by the Commission. It sends the wrong message, and is not the priority we should be focusing on."


Turkish Greens: Peace needed now more than ever

The co-spokespeople of the Greens and Left for the Future Party, Sevil Turan and Naci Sönmez, call upon all nations, human rights organizations and the political opposition of Turkey to raise their voices against the massacres already committed as well as the continuing threat against the lives of those along the borders of Turkey and throughout the entire region.


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